Monday, April 9, 2007

Atik's Bday @ Amelia,OH, Apr 7th

Mpok Atik made her bday party a week earlier than was scheduled.

I was supposed to be picked by Dece to go to her house,but then again,I changed my mind.I picked her at her home and we drove to Atik’s house abt 1 pm.

Abt 2-3 mnts before arrived,I asked Dece to call Atik.Dece pretended that we couldn’t come.I bet Atik was so worried,bcos all the food was with me. Ha ha ha ha ha. She catered all the food from me.

Dece couldn’t resist not to laugh,and me either.Finally she said that we’d be there shortly.Just wanted to make sure the street we would take.

As soon as we arrived,the others arrived,too.Nia,Lilis,Rini n Lusy.

We heated the food and it took longer than we expected ( using oven instead of microwave ).

Earlier in the morning, Atik called me and asked abt Lumpia.She said that Jeff likes my lumpia. Bah.. it’s too late,Mpoook……. Finally I brought some ingredients to make Bubur Candil.

I told Nia I couldn’t make Lumpia.Dennis was at the door and asked abt Lumpia. Ha ha ha . Duh.. ditodong lumpia nih.

We had late lunch abt 3 pm.The menus were : Rendang,Sambal Goreng Ati,Sambal Terasi,Sambal Teri Kacang,Sayur Lodeh,Mie Goreng,Kerupuk, Sambal Kecap,Ikan Goreng,Ikan Sarden.

Aghhh… I was busy to take lots of pics.I myself busy making bubur candil in the kitchen while everybody’s having meal.

As they’re done, Bubur Candil was ready. I had to cook another pan ( it’s gone so fast ).

Everybody left around 5 pm.Me and Dece stayed till 6.30pm.We went to Jungle Jim’s and dropped her home.It’s flurries all day.

I arrived at the bar around 8pm.Working for a couple hours,had my late dinner around 10.30 pm.Ronnie invited me to watch movie.Then again,he felt so tired. We cancelled it.We’d rather be at home earlier,sleeping earlier so we could go to the church on Sunday.

What a longggggggggg day……

Happy Bday,Atik.God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Iya, Ratih ... mumpung dekat rumah nya Atik sama aku, jadi datang deh hehehe ...

    Thank You, Mei ... cendil nya enak banget tuh ... *sering2 bikin yah* ... :D

  2. Hihihi ..... kamu tuh yah, ada2 aja ... sama Lilis tempat makan nya di bilang apa sih, Mei ??? lupa ... :D

  3. "Mangkok ajaib", hehehe.... Soalnya makanan di dalemnya gak ber-kurang2 meskipun dimakan melulu sama Mei2 :) Gimana mau berkurang ya? Lha wong nambah terus, hehehe....

  4. Ini pedes beneran lho sodara2....

  5. Dkt sih rumahnya ke Atik.Bsk2 mo mampir ke Nia nih.

  6. Gpp.Ini lagi masak bubur candil nih.Tiba2 aja pengen. ^___^

  7. Telat makan sih,sibuk masak . He he he.

  8. Mangkok ajaib,yg isinya gak abis2. Ha ha ha.Tapi gitu juga BB turun lho. 2 lbs ( baru periksa dokter tadi ). Mo makan bubur candil dulu ahhh

  9. Lidah manis ketemu sama yg pedes,gak kuku ya. Ha ha ha