Friday, April 27, 2007

Phenergan ( The Medicine Knocked Me Out )


Just wanna explore abt anti nausea my doctor gave me last week,PHENERGAN aka PROMETAZINE.

I thought it would work for me.But, did knock me out. I should have read it carefully ( 1/2 tablet ,3x a day ,but I had 1 tablet a day ).

Tonite,I puked again.I knew I would puke.As soon as I cooked Ommelet,Stir Fried Beans,I puked them within minutes.

I cried,called Ronnie with tears.Crying like a baby.Nothing I could do.Mom's worried so much.Ronnie asked me to go to hospital.Mom thinks we need to wait till tomorrow morning. She gave me Ibuprofen, less than 20 secs, I puked it again.

My whole body was shaky,nervous,dizzy,undescribeable.Suddenly I felt cold.

Mom went to the bar for a couple hours to help Ronnie and Dave.She came back and looked for antibiotic for Joyce's teeth.I still got some from last year.She checked the Pill Book before taking them.

I checked the book and read abt Phenergan. This is what we got :


Type of Drug : Antihistamine

Perscibed for : Relief of allergy symptoms,motion sickness,nausea,and vomiting,sedation.

Causions and Warnings : Will make you drowsy ( which really made me )

Possible Side Effects: The most common side effects of Phenergan or Ptomethazine are drowsiness,mucus thickening,sedation.

Less common side effects ( which for me was THE WORST )  include sore throat and fever,

unusual bleeding or bruising ( Thank God,I didn't have these )

Tiredness or weakness ( Checked! )

Dizziness,Feeling Faint,Clumsiness and Unsteadiness ( Checked! )

Dry mouth,nose and throat  ( Checked! )

Facial Redness ( Nope )

Trouble breathing ( Checked! )

Hallucinations ( Not quite sure abt this one )

Seizures ( Nope )

Muscle spasms ( esp. in the back and neck ) ( Checked ! )

Restlessness (  Checked ! )

A Shuffling Walk ,Vertigo ( Checked...Checked! )

Jerky Movements of the head and  face ( Maybe ? )

Shaking and trembling of the hands ( Checkkkkkeeeeeeeddddddd! )

Blurring and other visual changes ( Checked! )

Confusion ( Checked! )

Urinary Difficulties (Nope. Malah pipis tiap menit , kyk ban bocor ).

Sensitivity to the sun ( Not so )

Rapid heartbeat ( Checked ! )

Sweating ( Kinda )

and Loss Appetite (  Checked!!!!!!!! )

Difficulty sleeping, excitement, nervousness, restlessness,and  irritability.  ( Checked! )



The symtoms are likely to be drowsiness,confusion,clumsiness,dry mouth,nose or throat., hallucinations ect.

Pendek kata, Ternyata ... OVERDOSIS!!!


Padahal cuma makan 25 mg doank.Tapi bener2 bikin dunia jungkir balik.

Those all conditions have been occured in my life for a couple days ( since Sat till now ).

I did stop the medicine,but the impact still can be felt. Oh....gosh!!!!!!!!!!


resource : The Pill Book




  1. Duh Mei .... hati2 ah minum obat nya.
    Mudah2an kalo dah lewat 3 bulan, cepat pulih kyk semula yah ... :peluk:

  2. Mei...cepet sembuh ya.. jangan lupa di baca dulu sebelum minum obat. Soalnya gak bagus juga kalo lagi hamil minum obat2an terus. Keep pray for you say.

  3. kenapa bisa overdosis eda. hati2 minum obat kalau lagi hamil. Soalnya obat bisa meracuni ketuban lho...sama kayak alkohol juga kl banyak. Semoga kondisinya cepat pulih ya...

  4. Hati2 makan obatnya Mei, dibaca dulu dong keterangannya sebelum di makan. untung aja ketahuan ♥