Thursday, April 19, 2007

[ During Nite Sickness ] Running Away from Home

Duh….. how can I say ???

I am still feeling bad.Lately my body can’t corporate to smell Mom’s cooking.Every evening,I puke .I really can’t smell Mom’s cooking.The smell comes up to our bedroom. I always ask Ronnie to spray something to cover the smell.Alas,the spray Ronnie uses,makes me more dizzy and puke. I asked Ronnie one time,”That smells bad,hun.What is it ??? I can’t breath!!! “ He said,” It’s your parfume,baby!!!!!!!!!!.” Oalahhh… that’s my parfume. He he he . I said,” Oh, ok. I like it.” But later on,I puked!!!


Monday, Apr 16th


I knew Mom’s going to cook.I was getting ready not to puke. Alas…I couldn’t help myself.I called Ronnie.He’s on his way.He said,” I ‘m on my way,baby.I am coming home.”


Later,I called him,he said,” I just pulled my car.” Ah.. I went downstairs,didn’t see Mom around. With my sweat pants,long sleeves,slippers,I sneaked out the door.


I saw Ronnie’s fixing his Honda.I opened the Escort door.He asked,”What are you doing,baby?” I said,” Agh.. I can’t stand the smell.Makes me puke all the time.”


I opened the back door,arranged some books as my pillow and covered with my jacket. I laid down there. Ronnie laughed and walked towards the car.


Suddenly,he started the engine.I asked,”Where are you going to?” He said,” Autozone.I need to buy some stuff.” While laying down on the back seat,I said to him,” Well,take me wherever you want,but home.”


He drove and stopped at Autozone. I woke up,and he said,” Come on,baby.Come with me.” HAAA?????? I said,” No!! “. He asked,” Why?” I said,” Look at me.I look horrible.”


Ronnie turned his head,and laughed out loudly.He said,” Goodness!!!!!!!!! Look at you!!!!!!!! You are on your slippers!!!! Bedtime!!! Ha ha ha ha.”


Ughhhhhhhh..I was so embarrassed. I said,” I can’t go with you.I am staying in the car. He said,” Hey!! Don’t you have some new pairs of shoes at the trunk ??? “ Ups… I  forgot abt it. We went shopping to Kmart before and bought 3 pairs of sandals. He he he he.


I said to him,” Aha!! You’re rite!! “  I turned my back and picked one pair of sandals. I said,” Hm…look a lil bit loose.”


We walked into the store.Ronnie’s busy looking for screwdrivers and other stuff. Ronnie’s phone was ringing.It’s Mom!!!

I answered the phone,’Hi,Mom,I am with Ronnie.” She laughed.She said,’ I guess so,cos I called you a couple times,you didn’t answer me.” I said,” I left my cellphone in the bedroom.”


She said,” Are you guys coming for dinner?” I said,” Yes.We’ll be home soon.” Ronnie talked loudly from my side and said,” I kidnap Mei2.” Ha ha ha.


While we’re walking around,suddenly I smelt body oil ( sorry,from black guy ). Goshhh……. I couldn’t breath at all. I got headache,I felt strange feeling,was ready to puke.


I said to Ronnie,” Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I am about ready to puke now.I am trying to escape from Mom’s cooking,now I am having the worse smell.”  Hiksssssssssss.Ronnie laughed,he said,” Now you have the worse one,huh.Walk around.”

I walked around,the more I walked,the smell was stronger.I said,” I’ve been walking around the isles, still the same.Take me home,pleaseeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.” I was ready to cry. I had to hold my breath and cover my mouth,tried not to smell it.


Finally we went home.I saw Mom’s eating. I walked to the living room,let them eat. As soon as Mom’s done, I went to the kitchen.I opened the pan, goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the smell made me sick!!!

I ran back to the living room.Ronnie told Mom how I felt. She said,” She can’t smell my cooking and my cigarettes.”  From a far,I gave Ronnie a signal by saying,”YES!!!!!!!!!!! “.


Tuesday - Thursday


It’s been a couple days I am feeling sick.My whole body feels so heavy,I feel so tired,exhausted,my feet shaky,my belly always upset me.If I hadn’t strong enough,I might have fell down.


Yesterday I went to work.Suddenly didn’t feel good.I was really exhausted. I had to stay at work for couple hours. Tried to take a nap before going to work at nite,couldn’t do it.

Today, I went to work again. Staying there more than I expected.My last delivery came around 2.30pm.I went to the bank, and went home around  3pm.

Instead of trying to take a nap, I ended up watching movie while laying down on bed.

Again, I smelt Mom’s cooking.I covered my nose tightly with a pillow. Thank God Ronnie’s coming home and brought me Strawberry Shake ( He brought me chocolate one yesterday ).


I had Mie Sedap with rice tonite.Dang…. I puked it!!! The same thing like I had last nite, Fried Rice and Grapes.All of them came out from my mouth.


A week ago,I puked horribly.My tears came down, my throat was stucked with some food,I tried to call Mom, I couldn’t. I crawled and called from upstairs. My face was really red, water ran from my nose.


It’s been like that twice in this week. I couldn’t stand anymore,I called my doctor today. Thank God he’s available tomorrow now.


Wish me luck… Hopefully I would be ok.


  1. hahaha....kaciaaan deh loe Mei *ups sorry about the laugh* emang gitu klo ngidam, biasanya cuman 3 bln pertama aja setelah itu gak lg kok *tp jgn kyk gw, soale klo gue foreverrrr ...sampe melahirkan msh puke di kamar bersalin* wakakaka

  2. oya....good luck and hope you'll be ok!!!!

  3. Kacian ya.He he he.Maksud hati menghindari masakan si Mom,apadaya malah kena bau yg lainnya. :P

  4. Nanti diupdate beritanya.Baby Ries gak bisa diajak kompromi kyknya.Susahin emaknya mulu. :D

  5. ya ampun...parah juga ya sickness2 loe.... iya bener, ke dokter, mereka biasanya punya obat anti mual atau yang sejenisnya... kalau dulu gue setiap mual suka gosok gigi or makan crackers....hehehhee... tapi cuma tiga bulan doang...setelah itu rakus lagi.

    Good luck ya Mei2.... wah gimana mau order saksang yak...hihihihi j/k.

  6. cpet sembuh ya mula2nya cinta:)

  7. aduh ... makan rujak say enak kalau lagi gitu ,!

  8. Mei ... kabur kesini aja, dijamin ga' bakalan muntah, soal nya ga' bakalan masak kalo Mei2 kesini hehehehe ....

    Mudah2an cepat baik yah ..... sing sabar, bawaan si Baby .... :)

  9. Duh..mudah2an cepet berlalu morning sickness nya ya mei !! GBU

  10. hihihi Mpo... welcome to the club ya....
    cuman sesaat kok Mei entar abis 3 bulan juga lenyap sendiri.. it'll getting better everyday Mei... Juast hang on there ya...

  11. Baca jurnal ini, brings me back to the past :-) Take it easy ya bu.. jgn terlalu capek juga

  12. Penderitaan awal jadi calon ibu...(ehh..bukan penderitaan sih...tapi pengalaman pahit hee..he..) Second and Third semester everything will be back to normal, be patient:)

  13. Don't worry eda Meimei,you'll be fine. been there,done that. Thats a small part to be a mother.Hope things getting better.

  14. Mei, udah ke dokter blm, trs gimana hasilnya?