Friday, November 24, 2006


I cleaned up the basement today,since tomorrow we'll have Family Gathering - Thanksgiving, Sat evening.

I took a DVD from Ronnie and played it in the computer.Ronnie bought me as my birthday present.I didn't have any chance to watch it till today.

Wow... I love all the songs!!!! I am gonna upload them in MP soon.

Meanwhile Ronnie was going out doing this and that.He said he would be home around 5 pm,so I took a chance to take a nap.

But,when Mom called me around 7pm, Ronnie hasn't been home yet. Hmm.. where he's been going to ??? I called him and he said, " Yes, baby. I am coming home.I am almost done."

Aghhhh 3 hours in Sam's Club? Geee... seems my hubby is crazy abt shopping than I am now. :P

He went home around 7.10 pm. We had dinner. He blew me a kiss from a far. Huhh.. I was mad !!!

Mom said, " What is that,Ronnie ? " Ronnie said, " That's for my wife." I didn't see what he brought. When we're done having dinner, I saw a box of CHEESECAKE!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! * be calm, Mei2.. be calm.* :P

He said," Baby,are you ready ? " I said,' Aghh.. don't wanna. " :D

He opened the box and I took some pics of him. I wanted a pieceeeeeeeeeeee, plsssssss :p

He cut 1 piece only and cut into small chunks. He brought it to the bar. I asked him to drive so he could eat the cheesecake, he said," I am fine. "

So,we shared the cheesecake in the car.

We arrived at the bar. He came to me and said,' Here is for my baby. "

Ha???? What is this??? He said, " A hugeeeee pillow for my baby.So when you take a nap here,you already have one." Ahhhh... that's rite!!!!

I said, " Why did you buy this ???"
He said," Cos I love you."
I said," Aghh.. just tell me that you're afraid I am mad at you,that's why you bought me one. Do not bribe me."
He said,"That's a thought,too.That's why I bought it.HAHAHHAHAHA"

Huhhh dasar! But,I am happy. He always surprises me without I expect. Love grows more and more,baby!!!

Thank you sooo much.


  1. kiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain supraise apa mba hehheheh

  2. suitt suit!!
    liat foto2mu sis.. ak kok ikut senang ya..
    happy days sis!


  3. Loving couple nih yee!!!
    Ha ha ha.... Moga happy happy sampai kakek nenek ya , Mei.

  4. Ha ha ha.Surprisenya diksh hadiah sama Ronnie,Mbak.Udh lama nih Ronnie gak ksh kejutan.

  5. emang harus gitu mei, makin hari makin cinta. ok.

  6. asyik, jgn lama2 take a nap dunk

  7. Ronnie nyesel banget beliin Mei2 pillownya.Katanya,' Gee...she don't wanna hug me anymore :( ". Ha ha ha ha.

  8. Thnks, Dina.Ini laki emang suka buat kejutan. :D

  9. bisa aja si Ronnie, bilangin dong! kalau bantal kurang anget.... udah gitu engga bisa ngegelitik..... ( boleh engga yah! nulis kaya gini?) miss you! my funny girl....muach.....muach..

  10. Skrg Ronnie nyesal.Tapi bbrp hari ini,malah dia yg peluk2 itu bantal guling.Ada jarak di antara kami.Ha ha ha ha.

    Mi,gak ol lagi kah bbrp hari ini ??