Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where's the Baby ???????? ( Daddy's Snoring ) :P

I went home from work abt 4 am . Ronnie had gone home earlier.I was panicked,I didn't see MeiLee in her crib nor in her bassinet.

I talked to myself, " where's the baby? " Then I came closer to Ronnie's bed.I saw MeiLee's wrapped under the blankie,sleeping with her daddy side by side. sweeeetttttttttttt.....

Daddy's been tired and snoring all nite long ^___^. I couldn't resist not to take pic or taping it. He he he he..

Such a lovely moment...... I moved MeiLee to her bed,but soon she cried ( she didn't feel comfy and I moved her back to our bed ). :P

Nighty nite ,sweetie....

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