Friday, December 14, 2007

Dec 2nd : MeiLee's Dedication Day

MeiLee had her dedication day on Dec 2nd. Thank you for The Cantwells who had come from far away ,Toledo,to attend the ceremony. Makasih Oma Lina,Opa Tripp ^___^. Thanks to The Ries, my eldest bro in law and his fam,too.

During the service,Ronnie kept holding MeiLee.Me and Lina chatted.Kinda noisy,too. Ha ha ha ha. Lina couldn't stop looking at MeiLee.Once she held MeiLee,Ronnie kept asking," Are you tired already? I can hold her." Lina said,' no..not yet." :D

Five minutes later,Ronnie asked the same question,the same answer he got.:P. Then,Ronnie pulled my hand and whispered to me," My turn,now." Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Duhhhhh...katanya kalo di dpn umum,gak boleh posesive,harus digilir babynya.Skrg si bapak yg gak tahan :P

Ronnie held MeiLee for awhile and then gave her to Matt and Mary,then to Tripp .I wasn't allow to hold her. :D

Even when the pastor called our name to go up front,he held MeiLee.Pastor prayed for the baby and asked,' So... to whom should I give the baby back ? " I was abt to say," me ",but then again I thought Ronnie could have her. The Pastor said," I'll give her back to Ronnie.He looks good as a daddy." Ha ha ha ha ha. There you go!!!!

After the service,we took a couple pics. Tripp went back to his car and brought us a present!!! Oh my!!! A big box, a very nice box with a X Mas Teddy bear inside and......tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa A BIBLE STORY BOOKS AND SONGS!!!!!!!!!! Duh... seems they had read my mind....

I totally forgot the sunday school songs!!!! I tried the 1st two weeks to sing some songs for MeiLee,but none came out from my mouth.Not the kids song,but the sermon ones. Not the sunday school songs,but the nursery rhyme songs like " Balonku ada 5, Naik2 ke Puncak Gunung." My bad!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha..............

Then,we planned to have lunch at a local resto.It's packed.Matt tried to call other place,didn't work. Finally we decided to have Chinese Buffet,Jade Buffet not far from the 1st place we stopped.

We had a nice lunch,chit chat and then The Cantwells had to leave.They left Nykita at The Normans,and they had to go back to Toledo at the evening.

We had a blast. I loved to see them came to visit us again.

When I flash back,The Cantwell came when we got married 3 yrs ago.Now they came back to see the baby!!! They're grandparents,now. ^___^.

Lina said," I'm a grandma now.. Oma Lina and Opa Tripp." ha ha ha ha.

Thank you,Oma,Opa. We did appreciate your visiting.Hope to see you again.Sorry,forgot to bring the Lumpia. :P

Thank you The Ries for coming,too.


  1. ayo dang...kapan ngana nyusul,maitua ? :D . Met Natal n Tahun baru ya....kusje kusje hota haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii