Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dec 18th : Christmas Party with The Cops

Yay!!! Kelly came to the bar and brought 11 boxes of Pizza.I was surprised!!!! Ronnie had reminded me early that nite.He said Bedel texted him and there'd be Xmas Party with his friends at the bar. Wow!!!!!!!!

I bartended by myself.Really busyyyyyyyyyyyyy.Met new faces.I didn't have a chance to sing. Jenna called me to go to the stage,but I couldn't leave the bar.But,I ran and took a few secs to sing with her. He he he he.

Ronnie took pics of the crowds. We made a toast, lil shot cups and introduced new Christmas Drink called " Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer ". They liked it ^____^.

I wish I could take more pics, but I got stucked behind the bar. Ronnie was in charge taking the pics.

Shannon came and I offered her a drink.She said," I can't drink,Mei-Mei." Wonder... she usually drinks. Then she said,"I am pregnant." WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I asked who the lucky guy was. She said," William." Ouchhhhhhh. No wonder William came earlier and talked abt Shannon.He said,"Shannon will be here soon. " Hi hi hi hi.. Congrats,hun."

Well... here're some pics from the Tues Nite Karaoke.

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