Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dec 3rd & 4th : Daddy & Daughter's Private Moments

Ronnie had a dentist appointment.As he's done from the dentist,he went home and spent all evening with MeiLee.

Earlier,I went to store,bought some stuff and bought him a book.I said," This is from MeiLee to Daddy.'^___^. Ronnie's excited. He said,' Well... you care abt your daddy,huh,lil pumpkin.Thank you..."

He played with MeiLee.He said," You think you need to check her diaper,hun?" Ha ha ha ha. Takut dibeolin ya,oom ? :P

I let him and MeiLee at the living room and I made myself busy and ready to go to work.

Ronnie took some time to take a nap before going to the bar. B oth of them fell asleep like a baby !! ^______^


  1. Udah,Ko.Asi lancar sih.Baju2 udh pada gak muat sebagian.

  2. meilee kalau tidur kaya senyum gitu ekspresinya.

  3. MeiLee lbh condong ke bapaknya nih lama kelamaan. Apalagi melet2 lidah gitu.Ampunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... Emaknya aja gak bisa melet gitu :P

  4. Adem MeiLeenya kalo tiduran. Lucunya kalo malam hari, kyk cacing kepanasan,Jen.Geliat ke kanan ke kiri sampe berjam2.Justru siang tidurnya nyenyak,malam gak karuan.