Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I wish...I wish.....CSI Miami ^____^

I wish…I wish.. I wish…


This year, I  wish to have a DVD CSI Miami as my Christmas Gift.  Sounds funny. He he he he.


But,gosh… I loveeeeeeeeeeee CSI Miami.. H is hoooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttt, baby!!!!!

Back months ago,when I was pregnant,I was so crazy abt Court TV, A&E ( Cold Case Files,American Justice ), Snapped (Oxygen),Haunting and stuff abt horrors. ^__^.



I watched CSI Miami months ago,but I didn’t like it at the time. Seems the background color way too bright.I always skipped it and changed to Court TV. But…when I had MeiLee,suddenly I turned it on,killing myself munching chips on couch. Dang!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

From that day , everyday I always stay tune and watch it. One episode during the day and then starts at 7pm it’s a marathon one ( played till 3 am sometimes!!!). Yeahhhhh…



Ronnie wonders why makes me like it. He watched it one nite with me.He said,”Dang,baby..I gotta go…” But,.he still sat with me,watched it. I said,” Don’t you have to go now ?? Go,before it’s late.”  He said, “ Hang on… It’s getting to the end. I wanna know who killed the guy.” Ha ha ha ha ha. He couldn’t resist. Ha ha ha ha.


I went to library  and borrowed 4 dvds of CSI Miami. Thinking to watch them all,but I didn’t have time. I forgot to renew them and guess what ?? I was fined 8 bucks. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie one day said,” Honey,how can I get rid of you from the show ?? “ I said,” You can’t .Sorry “ He he he he.


Yesterday, after finished working at 3 am, I had Ronnie switched the cable tv. Ronnie said,” I thought I had turned off the tv.Why is it on now ? “ I told him,” CSI Miami is on, hun.”  Ha ha ha ha.


He said to Alecia,” See??? Just can’t stop watching that.” ^____^. 

I told Ronnie the other day to buy me CSI Miami dvd as the Christmas Gift.He said,” Didn’t you want a cd for designing pics ?” I said,” Forget it. I don’t want it anymore. Please buy me CSI Miami.” :D


Ronnie said,” Ohh… now she wants different stuff. We’ll see,hun.” :P


Sometimes I watch Court TV.But when CSI Miami is on at the same time, I’d rather watch CSI Miami than Court TV. Hi hi hi hi.


I remembered Mom told Alecia one nite at the bar,” Mei-Mei is crazy abt CSI Miami,Court TV, and I don’t have a chance to watch Desperate Housewives anymore.”


Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realize that. I didn’t realize that I had monopolized the tv in the living room and makes Mom watch her fave show in the kitchen!!!  Ughhhh… Sorry,Mom.  He he he he he.



Mantu gak tau diri nih. Hi hi hi hi.


I said to Mom,” Aghh.. why you didn’t tell me that,Mom ? I could’ve let you watch in the living room and I would have moved upstairs.”  :P



Crazy …crazy…. Crazy abt CSI Miami….


Santa Claus, please make Ronnie buy the DVD.. he he he he  he .


I think I need to pray day and nite to make it happens. :D


Wish me luck!!!!


  1. hihihi .. sama nih Mei.. waktu masih blom kerja.. aku suka nonton tuh acara Cold case... sampe sekarng juga hihi.. kalo CSI aku sukanya yang las vegas.. ada si grisom.. wahhh seksi tuh bapak :) kadang2 aku suka nonton yang versi Miami juga..waduh bisa seharian tuh tongkrongin tuh tv

  2. Mei, gue baru lihat CSI Miami di A&E barusan gara2 elu nih, tapi gue blm bisa lihat serunya dimana :D

  3. Wah Mei sama dong sama hubby ku hobby nonton CSI Miami.

  4. Gw suka CSI Las Vegas Mei..biasanya di Spike TV suka marathon. Sekarang gw lagi gila ama Desperate Housewives...dari season 1 sampe season 3 gw marathon nontonnya tiap malem. Kalo mo dapet harga murah DVD nya coba browse ebay deh..banyak yg jual baru juga tp dibawah harga toko

  5. CSI Miami is one of my favorit tv programs beside CSI New York!

  6. Cold Case,Court TV demen.Tapi krn ada CSI , ya CSI Miami donk. Yg Las Vegas itu yg di channel Spike ????

  7. Seru,Jen... si H itu seksi abisssssssssssss,what a cool guy.He he he he.Cara mereka nyelesain masalah, hal2 yg kecil banget diperhatiin. Saya jadi ikut main detektif2an nih. Ha ha ha ha

  8. Bsk2 boleh tuh kami nonton bareng,Ta.He he he he

  9. gw jg demen neh mei. om H na gayane cool aja =)) lengkap gw tuh

  10. Tadi Ronnie tanya ttg dvdnya.Dia blg ntar dia coba cari yg season ke-6 ya ? Dia kurang yakin kalo udh keluar. Mei2nya malah yg ragu2.Mei2 blg," gak usah deh....bsk2 nonton di tv aja." Jadi gak pengen ( gak mau keluar duit tepatnya ). ha ha ha ha

  11. I love H !!! ^__^. Sayang,si Speed udh R.I.P. Sampe nangis nonton episodenya kmrn.Kenapa juga mesti mati?? Mbok ya scriptnya si Speed pindah tugas kek atau gmn gethoooooooooooooo .

  12. iya tuh syg bgt knp jg mesti dibuat mati gitu. selain yg miami gw demen sama yg NY jg mei