Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nov 20th :Bersih2,Ketemu Susan n Karaokean

Wuih.... never stops cleaning . he he he.This time I put away my summer clothes and take out the fall n winter ones. I put the unwanted clothes and planned to give away.

When I called Dewi,she said she's looking for stuff to sell for her garage sale. Voila!!! I have a big bag of clothes!!! I offered her to have them. :D

Then, went downstairs,cookin for supper. Chicken Grilled with Soy Sauce. Yummy.... I myself eat the left over from lunch.

When I was done,I went back upstairs,finished the cleaning. I was supposed to meet Susan n Mark ( Ronnie's friends ) at the bar. I was late.

Susan was surprised to see me.She murmured to see how I lost weights. He he he he... She was excited knowing we have a baby.She came and brought gifts for MeiLee. Aha.... nice outfits!!!! I really need the warm swaddle one.

They left abt 11 pm.I started working again.Karaoke,baby..... :D

We had good time. We went home abt 4 am. Aghhh... tiredddddddddddddddddd........


  1. doh photonya super detail gini... ahhh daku lagi puasa cabe... lantaran diare berat

  2. Chicken kok kaya fish ya ? Ngileer nih, cabe dan bawang merah nya itu loh ?????

  3. Busssyeet kirain gua doang yang banyak tumpukan di rumah ? hi .... hi ...hi .

  4. Oh ini toh ayam nya kirain foto ke-1 ayam juga ?

  5. Ini ikan,say. Makan siang. Chickennya buat yg makan malam.

  6. oh...ini lagi bongkar2,say.Kmrn2 baju2 dimasukin ke closet.Ini lagi nyortir kmrn,mo diksh ke org.