Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct 26th'12 : Ronnie & Mei-Mei's Birthdays

Another year, another blessings to share with the loved ones! Yes, we are given another chance to celebrate our birthdays together again. Thank you, Jesus!!!!

It's so much fun, we've been doing it for years!!!!!

Happy birthday to my beloved one, my half one, dearest husband, Ronnie :)

This year, I made something's different. Tired of having regular dinner with steak. Since Mami's been here with us, she talked about Steamboat Hot Pot in Medan, I was craving for that!!!! She said it costs Rp.60.000/person, all you can eat! Which less than $6.00 here! But, you can't get that price here. It's more than that. After searching some info, I found out some places not in Cincy, but other cities and states ( the nearest is KY ), it costs around 20 bucks/ person. Awwwwww

So, I told Mami on Thursday, " Let's do STEAMBOAT!" We went shopping to JJ, going crazy buying the ingredients, went to CAM, Kroger. Then we invited a few families to join us, and of course, beloved Mom in law. I bet Mom hasn't experienced this kind of dish :) Mom was really excited when I told her about the menu. She said she'd come!

After friends came, we started eating. We had great time! The meat was more than enough. Pork, chicken, lamb, bay scallops, shrimps, squids, beef meatballs, fish meatballs, shitake mushrooms, seaweeds, tofu, and some veggies and noddles.

Of course, Ronnie got his big chunk of NY strip steak :)

Friends brought some ice cream and noddles. That added the richness of the meal.

Ronnie bought me a cupcake. He knows I love cupcake. LOL. We blew 2 candles, and added the ice cream cake,and blew the candles again. This time, we asked ML to do so.

Ronnie gave me a lovely present, gift set of Celine Dion parfumes. He knows I love Celine Dion, anything about her! Thanks, Baby!!!! Mom was very generous, gave each of us some money, plus make up stuff for me. Thanks, Mom!!!!

The party was over before 9pm. It's a very lovely dinner we had. We're so blessed that we could share our joy and happiness with others.

Would I do it again ? Yes, I would!!!!! It's not about the presents, it's all about being together, spending time and sharing the blessings. That's all matters :)

I told Ronnie I didn't have anything for his birthday. He said," The one in your belly is my PRESENT!!!"

That's so lovely :)

All we could say that we thank Jesus for has been taking care of us till now. Soon the new bundle of joy will be joining us, and it'll make perfect 4 of us!!!!!

The greatest present ever this year for all of us :)

We thank to ALL friends, families who remember us and pray for us.

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