Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Baby Ries' Updated Pregnancy

Here I am!!!! I am trying to keep posting more often here. Feel so much different than Multiply, not very familiar yet with this blog thingy :D Anyho......... I am entering 35 weeks now :) Tuink...tuink.... Geee... time runs so fast!!!!! A FEW MORE WEEKS TO GO :D So far is so good ( yeah, still in pain, my feet, hands are swollen, now my arm, mostly palms are numb, sore and painful ). I even can't close my palm fully. I feel like the nerve is the problem. Hope it's not CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME ( which I read, it could be possible! ) Well...enough for that :D I am enjoying this pregnancy. Once in a while, I look at myself in front of the mirror and see how big the belly is, I chuckled a lot!!!! ML likes playing on my belly and does " Pat a cake " song. LOL. How fun, huh :D She likes touching my belly, and keeps asking," When is my baby sister coming ????" At night, she'd kiss my belly and says," Good nite, Baby Ries!!! Muachhh!!!! Muachhhh!!!!!!" Love it when she does that. Ronnie keeps laughing at me. He says," I don't think you can make it in Nov, baby. You look so pregnant! I think by the mid of Oct." LOL. Yeah, right!!!! There's one day that I took a bath, I couldn't get up from the tub, Ronnie had to pull me out. He even helped me put on my pants. LOL. Embarassing!!! I couldn't bend down, my hands hurt. So glad that he's there to help me. Thank God for my Mami who's here with me :D She's been cooking DELICIOUS food daily!!! Yesterday I had GULAI AYAM... Yumm....yumm....yum.......... it tasted sooooo gooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had 3 plates of rice and the gulai :D I was teasing Mami, I say I'll keep gaining weight if she keeps cooking like this. LOL. Not to mention, that Mami gains weight,too!!! KA KA KA KA KA KA Mami is doing good here. She gets used to with the daily activities. I wish I could take her around the town more, or visit some places. But,I am stuck with my condition like this. So far she's OK with that. Now.....getting closer to the due date, we haven't found the names yet. We keep going back and forth with the names. Headache! :D Ronnie came up with a funny names, " What about TWILIGHT SPARKLE ?????? " DUH!!!!!!!!! ML is the same, she came up with one of My Lil Pony's characters name. My response ???? NO NO NO NO NO :D


  1. alo mei,ini gue linda singapore,temen multiplymu ,aku udah lupa dulu aku pake nama apa ya.jewel123 atau lin123 atau apa gitu...hehe apa kabar nih,anakkmu cakep banget ya.hehe..bulan ini ultah kan Happy Birthday buat Meilee ya..anakku si jojo juga ultah bulan ini..selamat berblogspot ria ya...
    aku juga punya blogspot dagangan goodiebagku barang buatan indo semua hehe. namnya ohgoodiebag.blogspot.sg
    aku pake nama sisilia nama baptiskulah.

    multiply udah mau tutup ya...nah kamu posting di fb azalah...

    betewe blogspot juga keren kok say....dont worry u are smart lady....this blog easy pissylah...gancel say.... entar juga elo udah lihay dah...haha...

    Hope you have a very smooth pregnancy ya... GBU

  2. ayyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa elu!!!! LOL ke mana aja ??????????? si Jojo gmn kabarnya ? Udh nambah anggota lagi, Lin ? :D Ini pendatang baru, msh blm ngeh sekali soal blog2 beginian. Ajarin ya :D

    Jojo ultahnya tgl brp ya? Salam! Mei2 mo mampir ke blog lu ah :D