Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug 19th'13 : Birthday in Heaven - Happy Birthday, Papi!

My Papi's birthday is on Aug 19th. Sadly, I won't get to hug him and wish him a great birthday. There will be no silly birthday hats for him to wear, or jokes to laugh about. No candles to blow out. My Papi, the greatest dad who ever lived, is celebrating his birthday in Heaven. I even didn't call him back as I promised, days before he's gone. He even didn't have a chance to see ML in person ( except via webcam ). Now, we have another one, which never seen him at all.

I absolutely adore this man. I miss him every single day. Can't count how many times I've been crying wanting to see him even in my dreams. I think about him several times throughout the day even though it has been many years since he went on to Heaven. He was wonderful and I was very blessed as a child. I had the dad everyone dreams about.

I hope he has the best birthday celebration in Heaven. I am sure he does!After all, who deserves a better birthday than our favorite angels? And where better to have the most wonderful birthday ever than in Heaven?

It really hurts to know the fac that he's gone. I wish I could've done something for him. I wish I could've made him happy. I feel that I failed him.

I wish I had been given another chance to keep him for more years. We haven't had enough of him yet.

I love you as I did back then. I just hope... one day I will see you again.

I am so proud of you, brave and strong to the end.

You're my Papi, my own and only Papi. Till the last breath I take, you'll be and the only.

Remember the bday cake we bought you last time ? That was cute, wasn't it ??? The tiny guitar,and everybody was trying to eat it. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You still made a joke with Mami. ha ha ha ha ha. We loved the moment!

Happy birthday, Papi! You're my Papi, my own and only Papi. Till the last breath I take, you'll always be. Thank you for raising me as one of your children.

The most wonderful quote from Papi :
"It's a short time to be together than to separate. Take each moment to treasure and keep in your hearts. Till one day you look back, and you'll be blessed and greatful, you have memories left behind for your next generations."