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Oct 10th' 2007 : The Day MeiLee's Born :)

Monday,Oct 8th 2007 - OPEN MIC

I went working on Monday Nite.Sang a song “ Words “ with Frank.I said,” Ughh…I feel so good!! “ . Ronnie said,” You did good job,hun.Pregnant lady singing.” Frank looked at my belly and said, “ARE you PREGNANT ??? “ Ya elah,Frankkkkkkkkkkk… Yes,of course!!! He said,” You didn’t look like you’re!!! “ . I told him,” Hello….Another 2 more weeks,Frank.I’m gonna have a baby girl! “ He was surprised to know that. Yeah.. I’ve been away to Indonesia before,and we didn’t meet for a while.

Tuesday…. Oct 9th, 1.30 pm.. Dr.Cortez’ Office

I had another appointment with Dr.Cortez.He checked me, but didn’t tell me how far it was. He even didn’t mention abt the dilation.

Around 7 pm…..
I sat down in the basement with Ronnie, I felt my pants were wet. I was worried a lil bit, I thought maybe because the doctor put his finger inside of mine. It was a lil bit bleeding.
But,I threw negative thought abt it.

I was working,bartending,greeting the customers.I went to the bathroom and had “ stomachache “. Jenna,Ally,another Ally n Sarah came to the bar.They gave me baby shower gifts ( goodness!!! Lovely stuffs…bottle warmer, rack clothes,baby clothes ect ).
They said they couldn’t come to my baby shower on Sat,that’s why they gave me on Tues.

I sang a few songs on that nite. Marce came around 1 am. I told her that I got “ stomachache “ and got “ blood spot “ . She suggested me to prepare some clothes for the baby in case something happens while I was driving or going somewhere ( which I ignored that! ).

4 am….. went home….

Still got stomachache… peed……

Wednesday, Oct 10th ……… FEDERAL BUILDING, HOSPITAL - LABOR!!!!!

8 am…….

Stomachache frequently happened. I peed, and suddenly the “ pee “ came out. I thought I didn’t mean to pee. Thank God ,I used pad. I told Ronnie that I had stomachache. Ronnie, a day before that whispered on my ear and said, “ You smell like a baby,hun.” ( weks!!!!!!! How could he knew that I was going to have a baby soon on that day ? he he he he ).

I called Dece, Novi, none of them answered my phone call. I called Chiko and told her abt what I was experiencing. She told me, “ Mei… I think your water broke. You have contractions.You gotta go to hospital. “ Huh ????? water??? Broke ??? Apaan sih ??? :P

Chiko said,” Once your water broke, you can’t wait any longer.It’s dangerous for the baby. You better go to hospital.”

Hmm…. I called my doctor. He asked,” how many often the contraction happens ?” Alamak… apa lagi ini ????? I told him,” Here and there… I am in pain rite now. “ He said,” tell me how long it happens, how often, tell me in minutes. “Ah… mana tau beta,Oom!!!!! Yg pasti perut sakitttttttttttttttttt………..
He said,” Ok.. I want you to come to my office at Mason now“. I said,” I can’t. I must go to Downtown to renew my Green Card at 12 pm. After that, I can meet you .”

He said,” Ok.. after 1 , I’ll be in my office in Western Hills. You can come then.”

Ufhh…. I was in pain. I was thinking to reschedule my appoinment to Downtown,but I was afraid. My GC would be expired on Oct 20th ( means another 10 days !! ). I didn’t wanna take a risk and be in trouble, not with the government ( dipulangin baru nyaho :P )

I went on. I asked Mom to go to Downtown,but I did tell her what happened. Mom asked,” Are you sure you wanna do this, Mei ?? Can’t you reschedule ??” I said,” I’d be fine, Mom. Pray. “ She said,” Oh , boy… I cross my fingers,Mei2. I hope it’ll be fine. “

While she’s talking, I felt the “ contraction “ again. Mom looked at her watch and said,” Ok… it’s 11.45 am “. I wonder why she looked at her watch.

We arrived at The Federal Building at 12.05 pm. One of the security asked me,” Are you ok ? “ I said,” Not so..I am pregnant, and I am in pain. “ He said,’ Well.. Let me know if you need help.”

I walked in and put my papers. There’s a lady who took my paper and said,” It’s gonna take awhile to do this. “ She called another person and gave a number. Dang….

Mom asked,” May I know why ? She’s in pain. Can’t you put her as a priority this time ? “ She said,” Sorry.. We have to call Washington DC . It’s gonna take awhile. If you wanna eat something,go to cafetaria and then come back.” Mom was upset,but I told her,”it’s fine, Mom.”

We went to the cafetaria,but I walked like a turtle. Slowly … in pain. Mom looked at her watch and said,” Another 10 mnts . “

I ate a lil bite of sandwich and then gave up.Mom asked me to go back to the office and waited for her there. I forgot to bring my cellphone,so Mom said she would call Ronnie.

I waited in the office and wondering why it’s gonna take awhile. Suddenly,a security walked in and looked at me. He came closer and asked,” Are you ok,Maam ? “

I cried!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suddenly I cried and said,” Nooooooo.. I am not. I am in pain. I got terrible stomachache here.” While I was talking to him, it happened.I held a stool and held it tightly. He said,” Let me know if you need something. Do you have somebody with you here? “

I said,” Yes… Mom in law.She’s calling my husband now.” He said,” Ok.. I’ll be ready here anytime you need me. “

Another minute, an officer came out from the office. He looked at me and asked,” Maam, are you ok ? “ I said,” No… I am not. I am in pain. I got contractions.” He asked, “ Are you in labor ????????? Why you don’t go to the hospital ? “ I told him,” I can’t. I must do this.The lady said it’s gonna take awhile to proceed my paper.So,I’ll wait.”
He said,” Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! Who takes care of this lady ???????????? Can’t you see her in pain ??????????????? “ Then, the lady came out and said,” Can you do this? It’s gonna take 4-5 mnts.” I said,”I’ll take the chance. The officer said,” Honey, I won’t take the chance. It’s abt life!!!! Call 911 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take her to the hospital IMMEDIATELY!!!! “ . He turned to me and said,” Don’t worry abt this.It’s gonna be ok. We’ll send you to the hospital soon. Hold on. Everybody empty the room,please… Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I saw there’re some people in the office were gathering,looking at me. They went out as soon as the officer asked them to leave.

Later,the lady came out and gave papers to Mom.The officer said,” We give her 2 months extention. Tell her not to worry abt it.” He looked at me and said,” You can come any day during office hours and bring the baby, ok ???? “ I said,” thank you………”

Abt 5 mnts later, paramedics came. I knew there’re some ( around 6 - 7 ,maybe ). I was asked many questions. They said,” Maam.. Hold on… Try not to push, ok ??? We don’t have any doctors here. “ I said,” I am trying.” I kept crying. They called my doctor and had him go to Christ Hospital immediately.

Mom said,” hey, Mei…This is the camera. You want me to take pic ???” She gave the cam to the female paramedic.She took one pic. Kesempatan banget si Mom. :]

Mom called Ronnie again and had him go to the hospital rite away. I was taken to the ambulance and I heard somebody said,” Good luck, Yuky!!!!!!!! “. Alamak,siapa pula tuh ???? :P

I heard Mom said,” Mei…I’ll see you in the hospital. Be strong!!!! “

Oh gossshhhhh…I was taken out. I saw some cars stopped. A police yelled and said,” Moveeeeeeeeeeeeee……….. moveeeeeeeeeee. This is not a public parking. This is bus parking. Move NOW!!!!!!!!!” Aduhh.. sampe heboh begini…. Maaffff………….

I was put in the ambulance. Again and again, I had contraction frequently. I held a male’s paramedic hand and had the contraction longer then before. Goshh.. I sweat!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God, Christ Hospital isn’t far from Downtown. It took abt 10 mnts to be there. I was rushed into the labor room. The nurses asked the paramedic,” when was the last contraction?” He said,” 2 mnts ago.” Suddenly,I had another one. She said,” OK!!!!!! Let’s take her to the labor room NOWWWWWWWW!!! “

2 pm ……..

I was put there. Doctor hasn’t come yet. Mid-wife,Cathleen was there. She asked me to be relaxed. She said,” Don’t push. Wait for your doctor. “ Duhh..lama benerrrrrrrrrrr…….

Mom came within 30 mnts. She said,” Sorry, Mei2. I didn’t know how to take a short way. “ Ronnie hasn’t been there yet. The nurse gave me IV. They asked,” How do you wanna have the baby? Naturally or using Epidural ? “ I told her, “ Naturally.”

It’s a horrible pain, I asked the nurse,” Can I push, please??” They said,”Nooo…hold on, Mei2. “ Oh my…. I was in painnnnnnnnnnnnn………

Abt 3.30pm, Ronnie came.He ran towards me and encouraged me. Later on, the doctor came. I said,” Can I push now????????” They said,” yes!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mom and Ronnie were encouraging me. I heard the doctor and mid-wife gave me instructions. OH MY!!!!!!!!!! HURTS!!!!!!!!!!! They said,” Pushhhhhhhhhhhh..1…2…..3…..4…. pushhhhhhhhhh “ I couldn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so tired . I told them, “ One minute..I am exhausted…” Suddenly I felt asleep.The doctor said,” Yuky… don’t sleep.. Open up the eyes… Somebody wake her up.”

I couldn’t help myself.. I overheard Ronnie asked me to open my eyes. I opened them and looked at the nurse.They said,” Mei2…. Look at my mouth.. take a deep breath……push… take a deep breath… push…” I just copied her mouth but I didn’t push. It’s blurry………….

At that time, I’ve been thinking, “ God… I can’t stand. If you wanna take me, take me,but please not the baby.” My tears came down…. Suddenly I saw black spot down there and I asked,” What is that ?? “ They said,” That’s the baby’s head,honey.”

Within seconds, I was inspired by it. I struggled to make her out. I didn’t wanna give up anymore. I kept crying and asked for help. I screamed,” in the name of Jesussssssssss………… help me………………”

They asked me to push again. I looked at Ronnie and he smiled at me. I pushed………..I heard they said,” Great!!! It’s the head!!! “ . While they’re busy with the head, I pushed again. Brettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! The body slided out within seconds!!!!!!!!!

They’re not ready for that. They screamed and said,” Goodness.. Mei2!! Talking abt pushing.. You did push it a lot!!! They laughed. They grabbed the body and cleaned it up.

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. I felt sooooooooooooo good. Ronnie screamed when he saw how the body came out so quick.

The nurse said,” Mei2.. next time don’t do that. You ripped it off so bad.” Ha???????????? Ronnie said,” Yes,hun.. You pushed her so hard and you broke yours. It’s a big and wide one. “ Agh.. I don’t care at all.

Ronnie had my cellphone ( he went home to grab my cellphone ). I called my family and told them we just had a baby girl. I was busy making phone calls and texting messages. I didn’t know what the doctor did down there. He said,” Yuky… just calm a lil bit, don’t move a lot. “ I asked Ronnie what he’s doing. Ronnie said,” He’s stiching yours,hun. You ripped it off so bad. He needs to make it tight again. “

I saw he’s holding a giant needle. I didn’t care,still in pain,but I enjoyed talking to my fam :P . Ronnie said,” Baby,didn’t you see those stuff down there ? “ I said,” Who cares,baby.” He he he he he. He said,’ Ouchhh!!! That must be painful.” Indeeeedddddddddddd………….

After the doctor stictched me, I was taken to another room. MeiLee was taken with me,too. They put her in a crib. I couldn’t stop staring at her. My sweet lil princes. Ronnei admired her a lot. But,he’s afraid to kiss her. ^____^

Mom went home ,but before that, somebody sent us some flowers.That’s from Mom!!! So sweet……

Ronnie stayed for another couple hours with us.Then he left.He promised would be back to the hospital and spent overnite.But,alas…. it’s too late for Ronnie to come and the door was locked.His cellphone’s dead,and so was mine. He went home and slept there.Besides,the weather was really cold,and he didn’t put on any jackets.

Thurs, Oct 11th 2007 ...2ND DAY IN HOSPITAL

Mami called.She’s so excited and wanted to hear more abt MeiLee. Suddenly my cellphone’s dead ( Thank God,the hospital lent me a charger ). Ko Cen, and my sisters called me from Medan. We talked quite a long time. Cie Vivie said she’s gonna have another baby boy!!! Wahhh!!!! Jagonya bikin anak co nih :P

I sent pic to Joe’s email. He said he got it. They’ve seen the pic. Papi said,” Wah.. she copies Mei2 a lot. Hope she won’t be fussy.” Ha ha ha ha ha.

Joe asked,” So.. can we take her to Indonesia and make her as model? What colour is her hair?? She looks like white ??” I said,” Don’t dream.She looks like me a lot, dark hair, dark eyes. No chance like a bule girl.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha. But,she does has sharp nose ( copies her daddy ) ^___^

Daddy Ronnie came around midday.He brought us some clothes.

Ronnie played around with MeiLee,didn’t let me hold me. He put MeiLee on his chest and talked to her. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ronnie’s melted by MeiLee. I teased him before. Ronnie wasn’t good with lil kids ( but,he is really good with teenagers ). Now, as he sees his daughter, his world turns around!!! ^_____________^

He is much better playing around with MeiLee.He knows how to wake her up. I don’t. :P

Ronnie stayed till around 3 pm.He came back Ronnie brought me Rendang n Nasi Putih and some new batteries ( I took pics like crazy!!! ) :P and I let him eat my supper from the hospital. This time, Ronnie made it. He came to the hospital around 3 am and stayed overnite with us. He didn’t feel comfortable sleepin on the couch,so I had him moved to my bed. ^___^. Later, MeiLee cried,and I moved her next to us. So, 3 of us sleeping at the same tiny bed. Hi hi hi hi

Fri, Oct 12th 2007…………GOING HOME

I was discharged on Fri.Since it’s no hurry,we stayed after lunch time. MeiLee was given a bath by the nurses and I cleaned up. She’s so cute with her head band on. George,the male nurse said, “ Maam.. her head band don’t fit.It’s too big for her head.” We laughed!!!! MeiLee is so petite. I should have realized that. Maybe next couple months :P

I kept taking pics. Ronnie’s getting annoyed.He said,” Baby, can you just stop taking pic for a while ,please???? She don’t like the flash. Too many pics already.” Ha ha ha ha ha. Mana bisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………

I said,” I couldn’t help myself,hun.” Ronnie said,”Yeah.. look how many pics you have taken.” I said,” Abt hundreds “. :P . Ronnie said,” Oh my gosh,baby!!!!!!!!!” ^__________^

We went home around 5 pm. Mom’s been waiting for us. She had prepared the bassinet and the pack and play. Wow!!!! Awesome!!! Grandma really cares abt MeiLee. My baby shower stuff were still in the dining room. I didn’t have a chance to arrange them all ( who knew that MeiLee was born 2 weeks earlier ?? ) :P . Beruntung bangettttttttt punya mertua yg mo beres2 ini itu. Hi hi hi hi. Doi lbh sibuk daripada si emak :P

After meeting Steph n Tony, MeiLee was taken by her daddy to the bedroom.She has a bassinet was waiting for her. :P

She’s sleeping all nite long. Ronnie didn’t wanna leave her. ^___^.

We moved her to our bed and Ronnie started at her. I saw his tears came down. I asked,” Why are you crying ?” He didn’t say anything,but the tears kept coming down. He said,” I couldn’t believe,I am a daddy now. Thank you for giving me such a precious lil angel.” He held her and hugged her tightly. Ohhhhhhhhhhh………….. my tears dropped down and I kissed him. I said,” Thank you for everything.” Ronnie said,” No, I thank you. When I saw the baby came out, I knew you would be a great Mother.This is what I really want. I have a family now.I’ve been waiting for this. Goshhhhhhhhh… I love you both!!! I love you!!!!” He said,” Why did you cry ?” I said,” I am touched. You’ve never been like this before. You are melted by your own baby now, aren’t you ? “ He said,” Yes… I can’t deny that. She really makes me happy. My world changed now.”

Ronnie went to the bar and went home abt 6 am. He checked MeiLee. I moved her and we slept nicely .

Nighty nite, our precious one. Anna MeiLee Ries................ We do pray that God will protect you. You're the best thing we've ever had. May God use your life to be the witness and be a blessing among the others.

Love you so much,

Mommy and Daddy


Look at her now!

She's in Kindergarten this Summer. The youngest kid in the class, she had early entrance exams. And she's 5 today :)

We thank God for giving us such a lovely girl to be taken care of. We thank God for trusting us to be her parents, in good and bad ways. LOL. Overall, we thank God for everything He has done in our lives. God is good...all the time..... all the time, God is good.... That's why, Each Day is a Blessing!!!!!

Happy 5th birthday, MeiLee!!!! Love you love you love you love you love you love you love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get well soon, dear daughter.

Counting weeks, you'll be a big sister soon :)

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