Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pregnancy Updated : Baby Ries'

Counting weeks!!!!! Baby Ries' will be here soon :)

So far is so good. My appetite is great. Thanks to Mami Susi who has been cooking awesomely for me!!! Yes, for me :D Ronnie and ML don't eat Indonesian food :D But,hey, Ronnie ate the homemade style fried chicken last nite cooked by Mami! I saw him eating 2 pieces of drumsticks :) Good!

The latest news is Baby Ries' doing great. I'm already 2cm dilation. My fingers and hands still hurt, tingling feeling, numbs on tip of my nails. My fingers and feet are swollen! Yes, swollen! Kinda scary to see my own feet now. LOL

I have gained 14 lbs. Yay!!! Yay!!!! Yay!!!! Some people say that I look GREAT, despite of my physical condition. LOL. I take it as complimentary :)

Lately I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't. The numbness on my hands bother me a lot. Esp the belly, it's hard to find a perfect and comfy position to sleep. Not to mention once in a while I was checking on my belly, whether the bump's still there or not. LOL

Until now, no fixed name(s) yet. Still discussing which name(s) will fit on her :)

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