Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 1st '09 : MeiLee's Attending Music Class

It's been Ronnie's dream to send MeiLee to music school ( even when I was pregnant ). Lol.......

After arranging the time,finally I took MeiLee to meet Ms.Amanda.She owns the music school ( it's in the church ).

She offered us to join for one day for free and see if we liked it.After that,we can register and put MeiLee there joins with the other kids.

From what I saw,MeiLee is the youngest one.She's so excited to see many kids.We danced and sang. She sang with her own tunes. Ha ha ha ha ha.

When Ms.Amanda turned on the Waltz music,she moved her body left and right.ha ha ha ha ha.

It only took 30 mnts,but we had fun.Especially when MeiLee was given a change to beat the drum. Oh my....she made her own beat. We're waiting for her to beat the drum ( cos we're singing,and the song is matched with the drum). MeiLee made it slow. ha ha ha ha ha ha. We had to wait for her to beat the drum and keep our breath longer.. ha ha ha ha ha ha

I need to see my schedules,hopefull I won't have a problem with that.I'm just afraid that her schedule ( only Weds/weekly ) is not matched with my schedule at work. But,Ms.Amanda said I could move to Thursday if I can't make it on Wed. Sounds cool!!!

Since MeiLee's been good,I took her to library ( North Central got lotsssss of new dvds. MeiLee loved roaming around there ). Then,I took her for lunch at China Garden Buffet. wasn't great.But, we're hungry. I thought MeiLee's hungry,but she didn't eat much.

We went home at 2.30pm.It's a long day,but we enjoyed it.

Good job,MeiLee!!!!


  1. cakepppppppppppp.... !!!!!!!!!!!!
    mei, lu makin cakep deh.............^___________^

  2. napa meilee...gak enak ya...lha wong mami lu jago masak...enakan masakannya mami ya say ya............
    lucu si meilee tampangnya ^________^

  3. Iya nih, MeiLee gak demen mkn.Lagian memang mealnya krg enak :(

  4. She had lots of fun!!!! Sampe gak mau diajak pulang. :P

  5. hehehe...sogokannya dong, mei....;) :DDDD