Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apr 30th : Strawberry Vanilla Cheesecake & Dendeng ( Iseng2 Aja ) :P

At work, I saw a magazine on Carol's lobby desk. I borrowed it ( cos I saw some recipes there ).

I stopped by at Kroger and bought some ingredients. I cooked dinner,too.I tried to make Dendeng ^____^.

Ronnie didn't get use to eating the Chinese Food.This is his first time he had The Dendeng.He said," It taste different . " Iyalahhhhh..gak biasa seh :P

Anyway,me,Mom and MeiLee enjoyed it.Indeed,MeiLee had dinner earlier,but she munched the Dendeng :P

After having meal,I pulled out the Strawberry Vanilla Cheesecake from the refrigerator. Mom couldn't wait to eat the strawberry :P

MeiLee got a plate. Lol..I only had a bite,the rest ? She had it :P

I thought it was very difficult to make Cheesecake.But after tonite,I told myself I could do it. :P

Psssstt.... Cheesecake is the same with Cheesecake from Fridays ( the difference is Fridays has the vanilla bean,meanwhile I used the strawberry ).

Saving money now ( I used to buy cheesecake from Fridays and cost me 4 bucks ).

Now ?? Nehi ... nehi babuji..... Mending buat sendiri :P


  1. both dendeng dan cheesecakenya looks delish mei.

  2. doooh, beginian dikategoriin 'iseng' ???
    trus seriusnya yang kaya' gimana mei.. haha ;p

  3. nikmat sekalii dia makan cake nya.

  4. wahhh enaknya itu dendeng n cake isengnya :)
    duhh meilee jg lucu kiyuttt..

  5. Amblas nih Dendeng.Lol. Tadi bw bbrp potong cheesecake ke kantor,bagi2 sama temen

  6. he he he he..Abis,tergoda liat majalah di kantor sih.. :D

  7. alo,da....Iya,iseng2 :P

    MeiLee udh gedean nih :P

  8. Meilee lahap bener makannya, enak ya masakan mommy., Mei pipinya meilee gemesin deh.

  9. MeiLee mah apa aja masuk.Lol... * niru emaknya sih * :D