Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apr 23rd : Even MeiLee Sucks the Bones ^___^

I am so happy that tonite I don't work at Fridays ( yeah... but,I'll work on Sat instead.Ughhh ).

I called Mom earlier from work,telling her that I would like to cook dinner. Yay!!!

I was short of idea,but then again, my mind reminded me abt the Chicago Style BBQ Ribs I watched couple weeks ago on tv.

So, I searched the recipe and I went to Kroger. I bought some Baby Back Ribs and started cooking.Kinda late to start,I had to admit.

I bought some crab meat the other day,and I made Crab Rangoon!!
Mom got company, Dominique and Tashanda ( the new neighbor's kids ). They played in the backyard with the dogs and MeiLee.

I offered them to try my Crab Rangoon.They liked them.Dom asked me if I could cook Fried Rice. I told her I could.She said," Well, I will have my Mama cook Soul Food for you and you cook us Fried Rice." Ha h ah ah aha ha ha.

I took abt 1.5 hours to cook the Ribs. I bet everyone was hungry. Finally,the Ribs done. Yay!!!

Ronnie got the biggest part. Me and Mom split. Couldn't eat that much.Ronnie said," I broke my diet.This is a big rib." Lol....

MeiLee first enjoyed her rice with the left over of Ikan Asam Manis.But,she saw me holding the bone,then she wanted it.

I gave it to her,she started sucking the bone. Ha h ah ah aha ha. She loved it. She reminded me months ago,she did the same thing,too. KA KA KA KA KA KA.

MeiLee wanted another one,so I gave her a full rib. But,she insisted to keep the other one. She has 2 bones with full hands.Lol...

After sucking for awhile, we gave the bones to the doggie.Then,MeiLee had some dessert, Brownies Obsession ( Brownies n Ice cream with hot fudge ) :D

One word : FULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ribs's AWESOME!!! It tastes different. Fridays' Ribs ?? Ehem..... less delicious than the Chicago Style :P

Click resep Chicago Style BBQ Ribs


  1. amboiii sedapppp .. pa kabar Mei?? salam buat semua yaa

  2. wadoh adek makan banyak juga yaa

  3. adoww geragotin steak...satu tangan pegang steak , satu tangan pegang kamera yah hihihih

  4. Lagi pengen makan Crab Rangonn,sih. :P

    Ternyata hasilnya OK!!!

    Kabar baik di sini.Gmn kerjaan ???

  5. Yaaaa.. correct!!!!!!!!!!!! Ronnie udh dpt jatah yg plg gede,msh juga nambah :P

  6. Turunan emak dan bapaknya. Ka ka ka ka ka ka

  7. Iya..Habis,gak ada yg mo fotoin.Pada sibuk makan semua. Lol

  8. Banget............Soalnya dari pagi sampe sore krj.Langsung masak.Alhasil jam 8pm baru dinner.Telatttttttt :P