Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th : Belajar Bhs Indo & Makan Malam

Yay!! They're here!! I was introduced by Genta to these people who are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia.

Genta said that they've been learning B.Indonesia for months,and are going to visit Padang this weekend. They'd like to practise more with Indonesians.

Since I live close to them,Genta recommended them to contact me and practise. We scheduled to meet at home,and I invited them for dinner, Indonesian food.

I cooked Rendang a day before.And this morning, I had a doc.appointment at 9am,and had abt 1 hour to cook Semur.Then,went to work at 11am.

Got home at 5.10pm,quickly cooked more food. Goreng Kerupuk,Ikan Asam Manis,Cap Chai,Ayam Goreng Bumbu Kuning, Egg Dropped Soup and Nasi.

Finally,at 6.30pm,they're here. Wow!! I love to meet new people.
Leigha,Luke ( husband & wife ), Dave,Amy,Juliana,Christopher & Tristan (one fam),Sim,Hillary & Madeline ( one fam ),and Gabriel.

We started with Egg Dropped Soup.Alamak.. cuma dpt 1 suap doank.Enak,bow.LOL * Yg masak malah gak kebagian* :D

Food was enough.No more less. They enjoyed the food. I am so glad they could eat them :D

Then,we chit chat,talking abt the cultures,fruits,jokes ect.

Silly me, I always teased them by silly jokes. LOL. Hopefully they're not offended :D

Well... dinner ran smoothly and fun. We talked in Indonesian sometimes.Leigha asked us to speak slooooowwwwwwly :D

In the end, I shared them the Pringles. * Couldn't eat those chips *.

Chit chat a lil bit with Edi and Yusi,then I cleaned up the kitchen and living room.

All clean!! All's neat :D

Thank you for coming,guys!! Take care and have a wonderful trip to Padang.

Titi DJ !! :D

God bless your trips and we'll see you back in weeks :D

Keep in touch.

Thnks Leigha,for the flowers and the dessert.Mom loves it .She wants to know the recipe :D

Anyway, I saw a goodie bag on the chair.Wonder whose that? Chocolates :D
Thank you !!!!

Note :

" Sapa kamu cuci ? " :D
" Becanda " Bejanda " :D
" Mau tambah lagi " Tambo "
" Sapa lo ? " Ha ha ha ha ha
" 20 puluh ribu " Seratus ribu " :D
" Nyut - nyut-an " :P
" Tettttttttttt... Time's out. Next!!! " :D
" Tidak boleh bicara "
" Cuci tangan "
" Titi DJ - Hati2 di jalan "
" Ciku, Cempedak,Durian"
" Langsat " Bangsat " HA HA HA HA HA * Yusiii..tanggung jawab ngomong yg ke-2 :D