Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 17th : Menggambar,Yuk!!!!

Me and ML had a walk the other day.It's kinda cold. We sat Tonisha and Dom were drawing at their back porch. I invited them to come over our backyard.

Since ML has some drawing books,it's gonna be fun to draw together in the evening.

So,here we were,drawing together :D

Tonisha and Dom gave the drawings they drawed for ML. Wow!! Nice of them :D

ML and I had fun drawing our faces.LOL. Grandma said," I hope it's washable ". The girls said it was.

But,alas...when I washed ML's face and hands,still can see the

But,hey..we had fun!!!


  1. cuteee! gadis suku indian ya meilee :)

  2. duh...kok tampangnya kayak lagi patah hati gitu si meilee... ^_____^

  3. ha ha ha ha ha. Nungguin bapaknya plg krj. Lol