Saturday, October 17, 2009

Papi, it's nice to see you again !

Papi....thank you!!! Finally we could " meet " again. You looked so handsome in your uniform,so healthy and full of charisma. I still can see your strong character in you. Proud of you,Papi...really proud.........

You talked to me and said you're ready to go to work.Goshh... you did like you did long time ago when we're kids.

Wish you hadn't left again . But, I did have a chance to hug you and hold your feet. I still feel the warmth of your embrace and your love.

Papi,thank you...After all I wanted,finally you did come to me. Thank you...thank you....

Love you,Papi..Please do come to visit us more often. That's all I want.