Monday, July 13, 2009

Jul 8th : Ms. Pop Cycle Goes Around :D

Ronnie and I went to Kroger the other day buying some stuff.He grabbed Pop Cycle and said, " I want this. Lil munckin can has some,too " :D

So,the other day, I started to open the box and gave each to Ronnie,Mom and ML. She loved it.

Alas,she made a mess. I had to change her outfit.She grabbed my necklace and put it on her shoulder, like the Pageant style. LOL.

Standing next to Ronnie,copying what he's doing, kinda fun to see. :P

I was in the middle of cleaning when I realized Ronnie and ML had been walking out to the street. I ran and chased them.LOL

ML met some kids on the street. They " Chit chat " with baby language. LOL. ML kept yacking. :D. And then said " BYE BYE BYE DA DA DA " a couple times ;P

It's enough to take her around the block,and we went home. She grabbed her Winnie Alphabet Book and practising to say some letters again.

A a a e e f g............ lol


  1. bibirnya jadi merahhh hihihi...meilee biar kecil tapi berani ngomong sama anak2 yang lebih tua.

  2. Oh.. ini anak gak ada takutnya ngomong. Siapa aja disapa. LOL

  3. chit chat ya Meilee sama temen2nya :)