Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cerita Tentang Zucchini


I'm back ^___^.

Anyway, I've been working at Snacks Building for almost 1 month now. Wow!!! The people are very nice here. I make friends easily

People stop by at my desk,chit chat and share stories.And of course,get some candies for free. Ha ha ha ha ha.

There is a guy,who always likes the music I play ( yeah, I play music in my computer ). He said one day," Hi.. I really like the music. It goes up the the stairs and you can hear it beautifully "

That's how we met and talked often after that.

So,last week,he stopped by and said," Wow.. music again!! I love it!! " .

He asked me," Mei-Mei,do you like Cucumber ? Zucchini ? "

I told him," Yeah. I like Zucchini.I cook Salmon Pasta with Zucchini ".

He said," Ok.. I got some in my office. You can have as many as you want."

Me : " ???? " Duh... kalo disuruh ke kantornya,segan ah..

He said," Do you have time ? "

I said," I will go get some later."

He said," Come on. Leave your desk real quick,and get some there.Before everyone gets "

I felt a lil bit concerned. I was trying to avoid it,but he said," Come on.Come with me  "

I didn't wanna be rude. I told him," Hold on. I need to bring my plate."

He said," You don't the the plate."

I wonder how I bring the zucchini and cucumbers if I don't bring my plate.

I followed him,made a distance a lil bit. He he he he he


He took me farer from my desk,turned to the hall,and kept walking abt 50 feet. Oh boy........


Tada!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!  LOTS OF ZUCCHINIS,CUCUMBERS and SQUASHES. Ha ha ha ha ha. And,there're some people in the room,too.

Uffffhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I felt much better now

He said," You can take as many as you want. You don't need a plate."

Ha ha ha ha ha.. Salah persepsi!!!! Kirain salad !!! :D

I took some,  eh... a lot!!! . I gave some to my friends.


Zucchini Contest

At lunch time,Erica,another employee,stopped by at my desk. I told her I got some zucchinis and others.

She said," Yeah.. I saw some over there. There's a Zucchini Contest. "

Me : " ?? When,where?"

She said : " Here. It's posted. Whoever can make any dishes by these  veggies will be the winner."

Me : " Wow.."

She said, " Do you know what the prize is ?"

Me : "  Yeah.What?"



I thought so... I was about the say the same. HA HA HA HA HA

She said," Who's gonna eat zucchini everyday ?"


I said," I don't know.But,not me. "


Today,he came to my desk again and said," Mei-Mei, you know I brought some today.Help  yourself. Tomorrow I'll bring some. "

WAHHHH.. Juragan Zucchini nih ceritanya. :D

He said him and his father in law plant the zucchinis. That's neat! :P

I took some more today and gave to my friends. I only have 1 zucchini.. ONE ONLY

I don't think I wanna join the contest. I'm afraid to imagine the zucchini is served daily on my table. ha ha ha ha ha


Anyway,thank you,Mr.Zucchini


Note : pinjem picnya org :D



  1. hahaha...gue baru nemu zuchini disini, lumayan enak juga kalau di grill. pertama2 kalau ngeliat di supermaket kirain ketimun.

  2. Enak,Jen.Lembut lho kalo digoreng gitu. Ronnie aja ngemil2 sampe abis :D

  3. enak kalo di grill dan di kasih seasoning Mei :) yum yum

  4. Oh ya ?? Blm pernah makan. Cuma sekali itu coba zucchini goreng,pake margarine. Lumayanlah..

    Pagi ini Juragan Zucchini dtg lagi,bawa Zucchini dkk lagi. LOL. Terpaksa diambil,gak enak kalo nolak.Bagi2 ke temen jg sih :D

  5. zucchini kyk apa sih? kyk terong gitu ya?

  6. kyk timun,da,warna sama,tapi kulitnya lbh mengkilat n mulus. teksturnya kyk mentimun,cuma rada2 kyk foamy gitu rasanya,gak keras. Kyk jipang rasanya.

  7. wah kira2 di Indo ada enggak ya? jd penasaran, kekekkkkkkkkkkkkk... coba dong Da, ksh lihat klo dah dimasak seperti apa bentuknya? atau dimasak apa enaknya? tapi ala Indo gitu ya? jgn yg bumbunya susah carinya disini ya..(sudah nanya byk permintaannya lagi, kikikkkkkkkkk..)

  8. Da.. itu,Mei2 udh tambah fotonya. Warna kulitnya hijau mengkilat,dlmnya warna putih,kyk busa gitu,da. Kalo timun kan warna putih,padat n keras kalo dimakan. Ini gak, ini kyk pari gitu.

    Ada wrn kuning jg. Biasanya org buat Pasta diksh alfredo sauce n salmon ( zucchininya diptg kecil2 kyk ptg timun ). Bisa jg digoreng,iris tipis2 balut tepung.

  9. wah enak bgt kyknya .. jd laper nih ...