Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nov 8th : Ruby Tuesday & Shopping to Target * Volunteer as SPG ?? ^___^ *

I had Ronnie take me to Mekong,Thai Resto for lunch.But,alas.... it's not opened yet,till 5pm. We're disappointed,since we hadn't eaten anything at all ( we went there at 2pm ).

We decided to go to the nearest resto,Ruby Tuesday * which we had gone there last Sunday *

Ronnie had Steak,meanwhile I had Broc Cheese Soup and Salmon. Gotta admit,we had lots of food today ( I couldn't eat them all ).

We went home,took a nap. Abt 6.30pm, I woke up and took MeiLee to Target. Mom reassured me to leave MeiLee,since she seemed like ready to sleep. I said I'd take her.Ha ha ha ha ha. Biarin dah,biar tiduran di mobil :D

Ronnie's out of Coke.Target has on sale. So I had to buy some before it's over.

MeiLee indeed slept in the car. I put her in the cart,she woke up. We looked at some toys. My attention was captured by a mini laptop. I bought one for MeiLee * Yeah..yeah...yeah.. it's for 4+ years,but who cares...I wanted 1 * ^_______^

We went to other dept, stopped by the beauty dept. MeiLee was interested in small stuffs. She wanted to stand up by the racks. I put her on the ground.

I was busy looking at some lotions.All a sudden, I saw MeiLee's been busy putting away lotions from one rack to another rack above. ALAMAK!!!!!!!!!! NGAPAIN NIH ANAK ????

She's murmuring everytime she put the stuff. I said," Eits...what are you doing ??? " She didn't care. She kept doing it.

I pushed my cart and suddenly MeiLee cried. I turned back and saw her was trapped in the rack. Ha ha ha ha ha.

She's trying to reach the the small bottles further,but she couldn't get out. She bended and wanted to get out. ha ha ha ha ha

I pulled her out and she cried. Ha ha ha ha ha. I moved her a lil further.She continued putting away the bottles. Duh!!!!!!!!

Finally, I said," OK, Pumpkin. Let's go home. We're done ". ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Look how she did the mess :P


  1. lah ! tau2 kok udah jalan, to ?
    aduh, lama ga maen kesini sih..

  2. he he he he he.... alisnya tebel ya.. ha ha ha ha ha

  3. udah bisa langsung jalan2 ya mei abis operasi...

  4. keliatan udah gede dia di sini yah, :D

  5. udah bisa jalan. Bbrp langkah,trus merangkak.Ha ha ha ha ha