Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nov 22nd : Family Time.. Yay !!!!!!!!!! *Kebelet Pipis *

I took MeiLee shopping for winter clothes.Ronnie and Mom were painting basement.

I promised Ronnie to cook him steak for dinner. We stopped at Kroger buying some beef.

After paying the stuff at Kroger,I had to pee,but I didn't know where the restroom ( my mind was twisted,since different Kroger has different restroom area ).

I took MeiLee back to the car,dropped the stuff and went back to the Kroger. I walked around and asked where the restroom was.

It was by the Deli ( lah!!!!!!!!!!! ). I put MeiLee on the ground and saw her shoe's gone !!!!! ALAMAK!!!!!!!!! ILANG DI MANA NEH ???

I grabbed MeiLee and walked around the isles.A lady said," You got one shoe only,hun." I said," Yes, I lost one. I am looking for it."

I asked some people,they didn't know. I went tracking where I've been. I ran to the parking lot,checked the cart. A lady said," You're loosing your shoe."

I said," Yes. I thought it's in the cart." Another lady said," You're looking for a shoe ?? It's over there,by the car ! ". HAAAAA????

It's right by my car. ALAMAK!!!!!!!!! KOK BISA SEHHHHHHHHHHH ???? Ha ha ha ha ha..

I said to MeiLee," OK, MeiLee. This is not good. Mommy don't wanna go back to Kroger.Mommy can hold it. Let's go home now."

Wuihhhhhhhhh.. After driving 15 mnts,finally we're home. HOME!!! I ran to the bathroom. ha ha ha ha ha.

I prepared the dinner. I shared Blueberry Smoothie to Mom before we had dinner. Meanwhile Ronnie had been eating the steak ( Duh.. gak sabaran nih Bapak ) :P

I realized I had to feed MeiLee.But,Ronnie said," Here,she's eating right now." Ha ha ha ha ha. MeiLee's eating by herself. Cedar Seared Salmon Pasta from TGIF ^_____________^.

Boy.. this girl can handle it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am impressed.

MeiLee's enjoyed every bite of it. I shared the smoothie.She loved it. Kept drinking and didn't let me pull the glass. WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Dinner's over. It's Play Time !!!

Ronnie and MeiLee're playing in the living Room. MeiLee loves playing with her ELMO ^___^. She has a can " Drum " that she loves to play with. :D

Ronnie said he had to go over Dave's house,his bro. I took MeiLee upstairs to have a bath.

Duh.. forgot that Mom's washing the dishes.Me and MeiLee're cold. Ha ha ha ha ha.. We're in a hurry rinse and brought the dvd player back to the bedroom ( intended to watch Shrek 3 ).

Ronnie had already prepared MeiLee's bottle. I put on MeiLee's new outfit,played a lil bit with her,turn on her Praying Doll,and she laid down.

When I came back from downstairs, I saw MeiLee's been standing by her crib. Eh eh eh eh... GO BACK TO SLEEP!!! ^_____________^


  1. pecinta Elmo juga nih MeiLee...samaan tuh kayak si Rachel...setiap pergi kalo liat barang apapun yg ada gambar Elmo pasti berenti..dipegang2x...bisa 10 menit sendiri disitu sampe bosen baru dia mau balikin lagi..haiyaaahhh kl belanja jadi lama deh

  2. mau yah bobo pake selimut...anak gw 2xnya ga ada yg mau diselimutin...pasti selimut ditendangin jauh2x...heran pada kuat2x dingin amat yak?

  3. Grandma beliin Elmo..ehh sampe skrg lengket terusssss.Kalo main,Elmonya yg selalu digendong2. ha ha ha ha.

  4. ini kan mumpung blm bangun. Ha ha ha ha. Biasanya,selimut ditendang2.Capek bolak balik ke kamarnya buat tarik balik tuh selimut. lol

  5. Aduuuh enaknyaaaaa.... bikin sendiri cie... :-)

  6. Aduuuh itu pipiii.... ngegemesin banget... ^__^

  7. oh my, aku kira boneka tadi,, cute bgt

  8. How did you teach Mei to eat by herself.. up to now that's the problem with my kiddo. At home, I can feed him, but at school nobody will feed him. As a result he lost lots of weight. from 37 to 32 lbs. I tried not to feed him, there were many times that he could stand it for a whole day without any food.

  9. Baca judul nya, kirain elo pipis di celana Mei, ha..ha..ha..

  10. adem bobonya.. ^____^. Ronnie blg MeiLee udah biasa boboo di sofa,gak bakalan jatuh.Lahhhhhhhhhh

  11. makasih,Jen.Btw,hp kmrn gak idup ya?? Mei2 miscalled tuh

  12. Iya,Deb. Lagi iseng. Duh,MeiLee demen bangetttttttt.Nyedot gak kira2,sampe mo abis. Ka ka ka ka ka ka

  13. kering pipinya,Deb,gitu kena makanan malah makin merah :P

  14. I don't teach her. She wants to do it by herself,Da.The other day,her Daddy put the plate in front of her and she started eating. I even didn't realize it.Lol...

    Her grandma told me, every morning,she got cereal and feeds herself.Grandma don't mind she makes a mess.^__^.

    Everytime she sees a plate in front of her,she picks the spoon and go ahead.She even be angry if we try to feed her. Its like " It's MY FOOD,LET ME FEED MYSELF ". ha ha ha ha ha.

    She gains weight,cos she keeps munching,eating all the time. ^____________^

    My suggestion,put a spoon in front of Thomas,let him play around till he has an initiative to feed himself . Good luck,Eda...

  15. aih aih.. posenya... pake nungging... ;D

  16. Lah...tidurnya juga nungging sampe skrg,Zon ^_____________________________^

  17. yaw mei anak lo udah gede. kabar gw baik say. iya gw udah gk online berbulan2 gk sempet. lo tau lah nti kalau si kecil dah lari2 rumah jadi heboh hehehhee

    btw, happy thanksgiving yah. gw gk masak turkey cuma bikin pies aja buat di bawa ke mortoku. cup cup buat si kecil

  18. meilee . . udah lama gag liat putu meilee . . kangend, mwah!! gbu!

  19. mei lee jago nih maemnya skg...gmn mei dah tumbuh gigi blon si junior?