Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nov 27th : Thanksgiving & 4th Anniversary

Wah... it's Thanksgiving!!!! Ronnie and I were wondering since a couple days ago whether it's the same date with our anniversary.

I myself didn't realize that our anniversary this year is the same day with Thanksgiving. I even didn't remember and ask Ronnie," Babe,when is our anniversary?" He answered, " Nov 27th."I said," Wah.. that's Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! " Ronnie said,' Really ?? That's good."

Today,I spent my time cleaning the bedroom. We  don't do anything on the day of Thanksgiving,instead we'll have Family Dinner on Saturday noon. No Turkey today, just Beef .

It took me hours to clean up the bedroom.Sometimes I went downstairs checking on MeiLee.MeiLee had baby food this noon for lunch,some veggies and fruit. Then I went back upstairs. I put away my summer clothes and put back my winter clothes in the closet. I got a big plastic bag of clothes I don't want anymore.Maybe this week I'll drop at Goodwill.

                    MeiLee's feeding herself with Cereal for bfast

Ronnie played with MeiLee.He said he went early this morning to buy bfast,but no fast food was opened.Poor Ronnie. .I cooked him Egg Sandwich instead.

Mom's busy cleaning the refrigerator.MeiLee's busy playing by herself ( Gillian,the girl next door came and visit us,playing with MeiLee for awhile ).

I went downstairs asked if Mom took the beef out of the freezer.I asked if I could cook.She said," Yes,go ahead." She's busy sweeping the driveway.

Ronnie went to Walgreens tried to buy some brown bags for leaves.Nada... I called him to buy me Heavy Cream,he said it didn't have it.

I asked him to go home.By the time he's home, dinner's ready. I cooked  Peppercorn Steak (Steak Au Poivre) - Sorry,no pic.

Ronnie sat and started eating. I said," Mom." Ronnie called Mom and I heard Ronnie said," I tried to stop her.But steak is' reallly good.Hurry up!!! "

I was feeding MeiLee.She had mashed potato this time. I put some gravy on it.Mom went in and we started praying. Ronnie's steak was almost half gone.

Ronnie liked the steak.He kept telling me it's great,liked it bla bla bla.Mom shared him more.. This is my 2nd time cooking steak without  making any mistakes ( he likes medium instead of well done ).

While eating,Ronnie asked me," Is it right our anniversary is on Nov 27th,today ??? " I said," Yes, it is." He looked confused and said," Thanksgiving Day ??" I said," Nov 27th,today,too.".He said," Really ????? "  . I said," Yeah!!! Now you don't believe,huh ?" .He said," It's interesting,the same day with Thanksgiving. Are you sure? Isn't that other day ?" Lahhh... gimana seh,Oom...Tanggal nikah sendiri kok gak yakin.

I told Ronnie," Remember,when we got married Nov 27th,it's on Saturday.Meanwhile the Thanksgiving was on Thursday,but it's Nov 24th. It's 4 years ago,baby.".

Ronnie said," Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... OK.. I forgot."

So.. it's our very special anniversary present... it's Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Yes,too many reasons to thank God,esp.when we have been marrying for 4 years now,and got MeiLee, have normal life ,enjoy every single moment of it and many more more more more more........

Ronnie asked me to check something in the car. I went out and saw a box in the seat. It's slippers!!!!!!! Ronnie's right, I really liked them,needed them.But.. o o o o o..... they're too small!!! My size is 8,but Ronnie bought size 6.5 - 7.5. Gak muat, Papiiiiii.Tapi gpp, yg penting ada perhatian sama bini.. Heran,kpn belinya ya????

Anyway,Happy Thanksgiving,everyone!!!!!!! and Happy 4th Anniversary to us


                               Nov 27th 2004 - Loveland,OH


PS : The song that's playing was the song we had on the wedding.. I loveeeeeeeeeee it... loveeeeeeeeee it... loveeeeeeeeeee it..


Love you too,Ronnie !!!!!!!!! Muach.. muach.. muach.. Love you too,MeiLee!!!


  1. Mei.....happy thanksgiving & met anyversary yach !!!
    Sepatunya cakep....aku punya juga, warna itam....hehehe

  2. Thnks,Rin.Gak muat tuh,kekecilan. Tiap thn selalu beli soalnya ( hitam,abu2,kali ini pink ). :D

  3. happy thanksgiving and happy annyversaryan yak..
    wish you two all the best.

  4. Mauliate godang,da.. Apa kabar ?? Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

  5. congrat, happy happy happy, much love to your family mei

  6. Thnks,Ika!!!! Gmn,udah mendingan skrg ? ^____^.Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bill.

  7. Makasih,Sera... Happy Thanksgiving.... Muachhhhhhhhh

  8. Happy thanksgiving & 4th anniversary yaaa
    Kayanya kalian berdua serba ketepatan semua ya hari2 penting,,
    birthday kembaran, anniversary bareng thxgiving,,
    asyik bener...

  9. selamat komplit-komplit ya mei....
    bahagia selalu...

  10. Mei & Ronny selamat ulang tahun perkawinan, jg happy thanksgiving day ..
    si Meilee tambah lucu aja, pengen nyubit ahhh :))

  11. kompak mulu ya ? ka ka ka ka ka..... Happy belated Thanksgiving,Yan!

  12. Amin..amin...btw,si Dyah mo nikah tuh,kak. Udah email2an gak ke dia ?

  13. Alow,Deb..Makasih..MeiLee udah bisa mkn sendiri. Ini dia lagi di atas lagi makan cereal.Emaknya ngendap2 ngempi.ha ha ha ha ha. Gmn anak2?? Kisses for the boys.GBU

  14. Mei, Happy Anniversary yah ......
    rukun2 & bahagia selama nya .....

  15. Cie.... maaf telat... Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary yaah cie semoga bahagiaa dan langgeng selalu... :-)

  16. Happy anniversary non. moga langgeng selamanya and diberkati.

  17. happy aniversary ya... moga langgeng sampe kake nenek

  18. Happy aniversary Mei and Hubby, semoga langgeng seterusnya dan Happy Thxgiving.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving & happy anniversary ya semoga awet selamanya.
    wah itu sibutet tambah lucu ajah mmmuuaachhh

  20. happy anniversary... semoga tambah mesra ya mbak...

  21. gw demen foto yg terakhir tuh....*winks*

  22. wink...wink.....wink.... *__________________*