Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anniversary Vacation - Grand Victorian, IN

Start:     Dec 27, '08
End:     Dec 28, '08
Location:     Rising Sun,IN
Yeah...........we changed our plan. I changed it. ^___^. Ronnie mah tau terima beres aja :D

After rethinking abt Belterra and asked more plus had very bad experience with the reservation staff * I couldn't tolerate how rude she was on the phn when I talked to her * I changed the trip to 2 night,to NOTHING!!!!

I don't wanna spend any dime there,esp with nothing's going on the day we planned to stay overnite.

I searched other place, it came to Grand Victorian. They have show and it's cheaper and got more to see and do. We decided to stay there just only for 1 night and stay at other place.

So, Grand Victorian is the best choice I guess ^___^

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