Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov 19th : Reading Class : Clifford's Thanksgiving Day

I took MeiLee to the library this morning. College Hill Library has a reading time abt Clifford ( Yeah.. there's an exhibition till Jan 09 in Museum ). We'll take MeiLee someday there.

But,this time is a reading one. MeiLee's been watching the cartoon.So I believe she recognize the dog. :D

The room was packed with lots of kids.Abt 40 kids. Wah!!!!!!!!! MeiLee sat on my lap.

I thought they would bring a Clifford dog to the library,but it's only a reading one. Too many kids in the room,the guy sometimes had to stop and speak louder. lol.

MeiLee enjoyed it,she kept looking at him and snacking some cereal. lol. * Ngunyah mulu nih anak * :D

There's a crayon time,but MeiLee's too old for that. Meanwhile the kids from school were taken back to the classes.

MeiLee saw a carseat was sitting on the ground.She grabbed it,played with the buckles. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Grandma's done picking some tapes. We decided to go home. It's fun to meet more kids and have reading time.


  1. Wah, banyak banget yah anak2 yg datang .....

  2. nyimak banget yah .... ??? hehehe ....

  3. meletin Mommy yah ..... :P
    so cuteeeeeeee MeiLee, pipi nya pengen nyubit nih .... :)

  4. Rame, Nia. Digabungin sama anak2 dari skul sblh.

  5. ngemil terus nih hehe, makin tembem ya...