Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ronnie : Rose for You...eh...Actually for Nikki ^___^

I was working at the bar on Wed nite.I had promised Ronnie to update the Quicken ( tax season is coming!!! Duhhhhhhh ). When I was busy arranging the file,Nikki's boyfriend ( Nikki is our freelance bartender ), knocked the door and said that Nikki got stomachache,so she needed to home.

Ronnie asked me to go out and bartended.I said," Gimme a few minutes." So,Ronnie went up front and bartended for a while. Then,he came back to the office. He said, " This is for you,my love." Huh ???? I saw he was holding a !!!!  I asked him," Eh ??? Where did you get it ??Why did you do it ? "

Ronnie said, " Because I love you."
I said," Hmm... Wait a minute.When did you go out buying the rose ? You've been staying at the bar all nite long." I wasn't sure he sneaked out to buy the rose. :D

Ronnie said," Well....Actually it's for Nikki. A guy with a dog came here. He gave it to Nikki,but Nikki's gone. I told him I knew somebody who loves the rose.It's you."

 Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I thought so !!!!!!!!!!!! Ronnie laughed!!!!!!!!!! I told him," This is for Nikki. Supposedly to be given to Nikki."

But Ronnie said," Well..the rose will be bad the time Nikki comes on Sunday. You better keep it,baby."

Well........ I love Rose,so I kept it. I took it home.he he he he he.

The next day, I called Nikki.I told her a guy came with a  rose. Nikki laughed and said," Mei-Mei,he's crazy!!!!". Ugh ?????? I asked how he looked alike. Nikki gave me description. Aha!!! I know him!!! I told her," Tall guy,skinny one, drinks Tanqueray and works at Outback Steakhouse?" She said," Yes!!!!!!!! ". Oh well... he's my regular customer. ^__________^.

I told Nikki I kept the rose. She said," It's all rite. I couldn't believe he came with a rose."

Since Nikki works at the bar, there're some guys come to see her. She's a nice girl. I am so lucky to have her work with us.

Thank you for the Rose,Nikki.

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