Monday, July 2, 2007

[ Updated ] : Explanation of Visa Was Rejected

Still thinking abt the visa rejection by the Embassy. I decided to call to the Embassy,looking for an answer.

I tried to call the Embassy abt 2am here ( 1 pm there ). Ronnie talked to a lady and asked some information why the visa was rejected.She's Indonesian,tried to explain to Ronnie. She said that no matter if you put the sponsorship letter,bla bla bla,they don't count it.Furthermore,Ronnie asked some questions,she couldn't give any satisfaction answer.

Ronnie's desperate and said,' Is there anyone who speaks English,pls?" She said,"Rite now they're having lunch.Pls call back 1 hour later."

Another hour later, 3am, I called back.Ronnie was held for a while and then the line was hung up. Well... good!!!!!!!!

I tried another number,Ronnie asked to be transferred to an American.Another lady asked to call back 30 mnt later.Ronnie asked who he could talk to.She gave a man's name.

At 3.30am, we called back again.The same story,Ronnie was held and talked to an Indonesian.Ronnie forced to talk to an American.Finally he was transferred to an American.It's a lady.

Ronnie said,' Yes, you speak English? Are you American?"
She said,' Yes. May I help you?"
Ronnie said,"Yes,we've tried to reach you many times.Thank God I can talk to you know."

So,Ronnie told her the whole problem.Telling her that Amoy was given like 1 mnt only to be interviewed and rejected without telling the reason.

She asked my sister's name.She said,' Yes,sorry.She's not disqualified.She's just uneligible to get the visa.She has no strong tight to prove abt her status."

Ronnie wondered what it meant.He said,"What prove you want to have?Maybe we can do something from here.Since my wife is pregnant right now,and she needs somebody to be with her during the labor day."

She said," Unfortunately,there's nothing you can do."

Ronnie's desperate, " Well..the problem was,her files were not considered at all.Somebody just asked her name and said,"Sorry,you are rejected.".That's not nice.At least give a reason why."

She said," We do consider abt all the applications."
Ronnie said," Is there any other way to bring her here? Can you tell me what I need to do?"

She said," No,Sir."
Ronnie said," Ok... so, you think that I need to talk abt this to Congressman or Senator to make it work ? I am not threatning you,but this is weird."

She said," You could send her to another country to make it easier."
Ronnie said," I am a middle class - American guy.I can't do that.What you expect me to do is harder than just give her a chance."

Well.. long conversation.I wasn't happy.I whispered to Ronnie,that I needed to talk to her.Ronnie said," Can my wife talk to you,please?"

She was willing to talk to me.I asked the same questions and expected to hear the answers for myself.She said," She's not rejected,Maam.She's just uneligible right now."

I asked," Base on.....?"

She told me,"She's still young,productive.She has no strong prove that she'd be back to Indonesia.She has no higher position at her work,she don't make lots of money.And,she has somebody in States,that makes we think somebody there will make her stay permanently and we're afraid that if she makes trouble or cause damage.That's why the reason why."

Aha..... finally she's been honest to me.

I told her,' Well, in this case we do not have intention to lie to you.I am lonely here,no family.My dad is sick,that's why I can't take my parents to come here.We pick my sister cos she can represent my family." I started crying,thinking that the chance to get her here is so thin.

She said," I am so sorry to hear that,Maam.I understand your position.Then again,as I said,we're afraid abt the cause in the future."

I told her,' What abt some people who got the visa? Some of them are sponsored,too,still young,but they got it,my sister didn't.Is it abt luck here?"

She said," Oh,no. All the applications are the same.Well,some people do fool us ( she laughed ), and they passed."

I said," See??? We've been honest to you and willing to call you,still we don't have any chance to make it.My heart's broken rite now."

She said," I believe you are being honest.But rite now,the situation didn't help her a lot.Yes,people always say just only 1 month visit,they provide the legal letters ect,but we don't look at that.We just want to make sure that she has something tights her back to Indonesia like her job ect."

Oh well.. I think I had heard enough.At least we knew the answer why. I thanked her and she said," You can send us email if you need anything else.Thank you so much."

I said," Thank you,Maam.God bless you."

I hung up the phone. Ronnie said," We've tried,baby.That's all I can say.Maybe we can send Amoy to Canada and get through to States easily."

I was quite and started crying. My heart's broken.Ronnie hugged me and said," Hushhhh baby...hushh... don't cry.. Don't make your situation's getting worse.We tried,hun.We did."

I said," It's not fair.I put big hope and faith in this case,but they turned us down." Duh...... I had a bad day.  Last nite I puked again. All the food I ate was thrown up in the bathroom ( at the bar ),even at the front sink. I wetted my pants cos I got the Reflux Acid again.

Ronnie said," I know, I really know. Come here, let me hug you." He hugged me and kissed my head. He said,' My baby.. sorry........"

I kept crying and sobbing.Ronnie said,' We'll think other plan next time,hun.Let's sleep.You must have been tired.Nighty nite,hun. I love you."

Ronnie's rite.I was really tired.My back still hurts.Ronnie grabbed me from behind and covered me with his arms. I always feel comfortable and protected everytime he does that to me.

It's almost 5 am when we slept. I kissed his arm and said," Thank you,hun.I appreciated it. I love you."

We felt asleep.. I didn't want think abt it anymore. There's another day..maybe that'll be our luck.

I thank God who gives me the strenght not to fight with the feeling. I thank God for putting Ronnie beside me,encouraging me to get through this difficult time.

Ah.... each day is a blessing.. not matter it's good or bad.. Still a blessing for us!!

Maybe next time,dear Amoy............



  1. wah mei ini hari si brian mo call representative gak tahu nehh brian blom kasih kabar. Emang susah sih ya kalo dah jawaban dari mereka kayak gitu ! tapi kita harus tetep ada faith biar gimana pun juga pasti ada jalan keluar. GBU say !

  2. Good luck,Lid.Siapa tau kalian bisa dpt.GBU!!!!

  3. wah mei.. yang sabar ya...maybe next time visanya bisa di approved... emang yah US embassy tuh susah banget..!

  4. sabar Mei,
    Tuhan pasti punya rencana. GBU, jangan nangis2... ingat dedek dalam perut.

  5. ya ini masuk alasan untuk nolak da... krn masih muda, terus masih produktif, dikira bakalan cari duit di amrik ama ngasih masalah buat amrik utk masalah keuangan.. sabar ya da...

  6. yg sabar ya say...just think about ur baby first and ur health ok..GBU *big hugs*

  7. Mei, aku tahu perasaanmu saat ini. Tidak ada family dari indonesia yg mendampingi kamu saat mau melahirkan nanti. Aku juga situasi nya spt itu wkt melahirkan Marco thn 2001. Aku kuatkan Iman,Ketabahan dan siap sedia menyambut semuanya itu tanpa kehadiran mami papi disampingku. Yg bisa kamu lakukan hanyalah Berdoalah utk kesehatan dirimu, bayimu dan calon ayah dari bayimu. Minta tolong family di Indonesia turut mendoakan dari jauh. KEKUATAN DOA ITU SANGAT BESAR BAGI UMAT NYA, SERAHKAN SEMUANYA PADA TUHAN YESUS; PASTI DIA AKAN MEMBERIKAN KAMU KEKUATAN DAN KETABAHAN: Ingat Mei, yg kamu butuhkan saat ini adalah SUPPORT TINGGI dari suami dan mertuamu. Anggap mereka sbg wakil dari orang tuamu dan adik adikmu. Kalo perlu wkt kamu msk Labor, telpon ke Medan, dan BERDOALAH BERSAMA SAMA DI TELPON DGN FAMILY DI SANA. Aku dulu sama sekali gak ngerti ngurus bayi, aku telpon orang tuaku tiap hari. Beruntung sekali aku punya mertua yg baik. Aku ditempa utk mandiri membesarkan anak seorang diri krn suamiku saat itu byk kerja di luar kota. Coba bayangkan ......Akhirnya TUHAN kasih kesempatan mami papiku utk lihat Marco sth dia berumur 17 bulan. Mamiku surprise sekali krn aku bisa membesarkan seorang anak di luar negeri. JANGAN DIBAWA SEDIH TERUS KRN BAYIMU AKAN TURUT MERASAKANNYA: Berikan terus kebahagiaan utk bayimu supaya nanti dia lahir sehat jasmani dan penuh senyum serta ketawa. INGAT....kamu mempunyai suami yg mencintai,penuh perhatian dan penuh pengertian thd mu.

  8. mei, memang susah saat ini, tapi selalu ada harapan..kuatkan hatimu ya! gue sedikit bisa ngerti sih kekuatiran nanti bagaimana kalau babynya lahir dan elu musti ngurus sendiri tanpa keluargamu disisimu, tapi bersyukur kalau seenggaknya elu ada suami dan mama mertua yang perhatian dan sayang sama elu. walaupun memang keluarga sendiri gak ada gantinya. just thinking about a few months ahead you will have a beautiful baby girl!! is not it exciting? I am!

  9. something is not always happen like we want :(
    there must be good reason (s), just keep thinking positively ya sayang.....i wish i was there to support u more...

    god bless

  10. Oh dear, I am so sorry about that. Gw juga lonely disini Mei mau bawa adik ngeri takut ditolak. Jadinya gw terus yg kunjungn Jkt padahal pengen banget mereka kesini tapi gimana ke Amrik emang makin sulit aja yah. Hope in the future you can bring your family here. Keep your faith higher ok.

  11. Thnks for all the supports you give to me. Trying to get up and face tomorrow with smiles *hope I could do that *

    God bless you all!!!!!!!!! Love ya

  12. wah..susah memang kl menghadapi orang kedutaan. Ya udahlah eda Mei....jangan sedih terus. Nanti malah berpengaruh kebayinya.
    Aku juga dulu waktu melahirkan anak pertama cuma didampingi suamiku. Pulang dari rumah sakit kami beli makanan di supermarket, aku diantar sampai rumah terus suamiku langsung pergi kerja lagi. Waktu itu nggak taulah gimana sedihnya....cuma semua khan ada hikmahnya. Ya banyak berdoa..semoga Tuhan berkati semuanya.

  13. sorry to hear that, yg sabar yah Mei...
    Emang berat seh Mei ngelahirin anak pertama sendirian, aku juga dulu gitu pas ngelahirin Keira...ya sedih ya repot ya depressed...campur jadi satu...
    But I'm sure you can do it dear:-) strong ya
    big hugs for you!

  14. Mei...!!! Aduh, I'm sorry abt the rejection ya say. Aku baru aja baca blog-mu hari ini. Mei, skrg mikirnya yg positif2 aja say. Misalnya gini : Kan banyak tuh ibu2 muda Indonesia yg melahirkan & membesarkan anak pertama di Amrik sendirian tanpa didampingi keluarga dr Indo sama sekali. Dan ternyata mereka bisa, & they did it really well. Meskipun mrk bisa krn terpaksa, tapi toh nyatanya mrk bisa mengatasi. Jadi mikirnya gini aja: Kalo orang lain bisa, Mei2 pasti juga bisa dong! Apalagi Mei2 kan punya mom in-law yg baik dan pengertian, trus Ronnie yg super nice gitu. OK say? Jangan sedih lagi ya... Big hugs!! GBU!

  15. Oh iya Mei, apa Amoy mau coba apply visa lagi? Kalo iya, spt yg aku bilang ke Mei2 waktu kita terakhir ketemu di Cincy, mendingan supporting documents-nya ditambah dgn "Surat Pernyataan" resmi dari tempat kerjanya si Amoy yg ditandatangani HR ato boss-nya, trus di-cap company stempel. Isinya menyatakan kalo Amoy bener employee di situ, posisinya apa, udah kerja berapa lama (sebutin tgl mulai kerja), trus memang bener dikasih ijin cuti utk berapa lama (sebutin dari tgl brp sampe tgl brp tepatnya), trus harus udah masuk kerja lagi tgl brp. Ntar surat yg satu ini sengaja di-tunjuk2in ke si interviewer agak di awal2 interview (cukup surat yg satu ini aja dulu, jgn bareng2 setumpuk sama surat2 lain). Biasanya surat yg spt ini bisa membantu banget krn menunjukkan bahwa si Amoy pasti balik Indo krn harus mulai kerja lagi di tgl yg disebut di surat itu (setelah cuti yg diberikan habis). Dulu aku pernah pake surat spt ini utk apply US visitor visa, dan hasilnya tokcer! Moga2 bisa berguna ya say. GBU!

  16. Alow, Makkkk..ya elahh... ente tenggelam cukup lama ya.. Gmn tuh tragedi mobil mogoknya ? he he he he.

    Ntar diurus lagi deh soal visanya. Si Dece tanya no hp tuh kmrn2.

  17. Hahaha.... ntu mobil udah ke laut Mei! Iya si Dece nelpon bbrp hari yg lalu, mau konfirmasi soal sepupunya itu :)

  18. Nice tried Mei Mei :-) and goodluck next time ok?