Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adventure's Begun

Gosh.... finally I got  free internet to update my trip.

Yesterday I flew from Cincinnati - San Francisco for 4.5 hrs,then continued to Hong Kong for 13 hours. Back hurts so bad.

Now I am in SIN. Have abt 7 hours transit, I joined to have city tour.Called Ronnie for a while to tell him where I am.He's sleeping. He he he. I do miss my baby.

 Ronnie dropped me to the airport and guess what. I cried and was doubt to go back home to Indonesia. But Ronnie said that I really needed it.He hugged and kissed me many times.


I guess I have a nice trip so far,unless the bathroom problem.Every 5 mnts go to the bathroom. He he he he.


I was upset to myself,cos I tried to help a lady played her cd player in my laptop,but it's stuck till now.She gave me her email add in case I could take it out. Bahhh memalukan saja!!!!!!!


Well... I better go, otherwise the bus will leave me here.


I'll update as soon as I arrive in Indonesia.


PS : Baby..honey....Ronnie... read my blog,pls. He he he he he.

To all of my friends, kindly pray for my trip to Indonesia.I hope I'll have a wonderful one.


God bless... Till we meet again.




Mei - Mei & Baby Ries



  1. Mei, kalo cd nyangkut di cd-rom, coba kamu liat di cd rom itu ada lubang kecil banget, biasanya cocok sama ukuran paper clip, nah itu di tusuk deh, kalo ga pake jarum, nanti cd romnya terbuka.

  2. udah, ko. Semalam udh ditusuk2 pake paper clip.Ntar malam nyampe di Medan dicoba pake piso tipis,trus diksh lem goat,kali2 bisa narik cdnya keluar . He he he he.

    Msh nunggu pesawat sktr 3 jam lagi, check MP bentar. :P

  3. Wah bumil bisa jg perjalanan jauh yah....have a safe journey Mei...enjoy ur time w/ ur fam ;-)

  4. thnks,Paully. Bntr lagi nyampe kampung halaman, gak sabaran :D.

  5. Mei, mau melahirkan di Indo nih nanti ? take care :)

  6. take care yaa, kapan balik ke amrik?

  7. oalah....jd nya lo yg ke indo mei? sendirian? tc ya...God bless n guides u always

  8. Mei......have a nice trip ya say.. say our regards to your Parents, and cing cing :) tell them we miss them also and always remember the food they served while Brian, my mom and I visited Medan.

  9. take care and have fun ya Mei....

  10. duh pasti exciting banget ketemu keluarga dan saudara sama sure will have wonderful time while you are in indo mei!!

  11. alow...alow... Mei2 udh di Medan,semalam nyampe jam 8 malam. Thnks for the wishes. Bakalan plg sblm melahirkan baby Ries. He he he.