Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July 3rd :Robert Hatcher's Off to CA ( America's Got Talent's Contestant )

Yesterday was Robert's last karaoke with us.He's moving to California for good. He wanna build his career there and leaves his job here.

So saaddddddddddddddd. We've been so close and feel didn't want to let him go. Hiks.. hiks..hiks...

I was at home when I watched America’s Got Talent and saw Robert's there. I quickly recorded it for a few secs. ^____^.

I went to the bar at 9.30pm.I met everybody there. Robert and his friends yelled at my name," Ay Mei - Mei!!!!!!!!!!! " copied a song title " Ay Bay Bay ". He he he he.

They said," We missed you last week.Ronnie told us you're in the hospital. " Gosh... I am so glad I met them again last nite.

Robert said," Mei - Mei, I got something for you." Aw... what it would be ??? I was curious.

After chit chat with the crowd at the back bar, I walked to the front. Ronnie's bartending there. He's a lil bit busy. He said,' Don't leave me,hun." He he he he. Duhh grogi nih yeee....

Robert came and brought me a big poster of his. He said," That no was my no in American Idol ". Awww... so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, Rob!!!!!!!!!!

He dedicated this poster to us. As a remembrance when he's away, I said one day.

All nite long we partied.He sang some songs and so did his friends. I didn't have any chance to sing last nite.

Ronnie and Robert chit chat. Gosh.. I love to see these 2 people chatting. Ketawa mulu sih . Ha ha ha ha ha.

Robert is always as humble as he is. He helps me get some ice and clean the tables.He's the one who always leave the last.He always makes sure everything is ok. Isn't he lovely ????

I teased him one day and said,' Since you are here and haven't charged anything to get some ice,pls do it for me. Before you off to CA to be a celeb. " ha ha ha ha.

Robert left abt 2.20am. He came to me and said," Mei-Mei,I am leaving.I see you next time. I am leaving this Thurs." Aww.... I was so sad.

He said," Let me know when you have a baby.I really wanna see her pic.Keep in touch with me,pls. "

I said,' Sure.I'll send her pic to Uncle Robert." He smiled. Then he said," Oh, Mei - Mei... I am so sad rite now. You're all as so nice people,good people. I love you so much. Thank you for everything you've done to me." His tears came down. He wiped his eyes and said," Ohhhh ." I saw his eyes were teary. I went to the office and asked Ronnie to come out.He's napping.

Robert said goodbye to him. He kept crying. He hugged me again and said,' Don't cry, Mei - Mei. " I couldn't help myself, I did cry :(

I said,' We're gonna miss you so much. Dunno when we'll see you again.But we do pray you'll have the best there."

He hugged me again and said," Just like a family. I love you all."

Aghhh.... I held his hand and walked him out. Still crying. He said," I love you I love you I love you. I love this bar. You guys give me a place to feel like home."

I was quite. He walked away with Greg and said,' Bye, Mei - Mei. "

Ihhh... I ran inside and cried.

Hasta la vista, Robert Hatcher. All the prayers will be yours.Always be humble as what you are.

We love you...we do!!!!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!!!

PS : If you click the link AGT, the video will show Robert was crying and said something behind the stage. He's wearing white suit.


  1. Lha Mei gw engga kenal sama dia, ngebaca posting ini gw jd ikutan sedih..... ♥

  2. Mi,nonton AGT ya. Dia salah satu kontestan tuh. Kmrn di AI dia berhenti di TOP 30. Mudah2an di AGT ini dia bisa ke final.