Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 23rd : Diaries of the Funeral

Just came back from Haranggaol on Sunday evening abt 5 pm. Thursday noon,unplanned, I went to Haranggaol with Mami and cousins at 3 pm.

It took 2 hours to be there.As we entered the village,my heart beat so fast.The last time I went there was 3 years ago,when my eldest uncle ( Papi's only brother ).

As we arrived there,some family were gathered.I cried and blamed myself to see the dead body in front of me.I expected to see him alive and chit chat with him. It's too late, the shirt I gave him ,never been worn.His son,Darwan wore it.

I asked the last minutes before he passed away.Auntie said," We still had time to have tea.I showed him some shirts and said they're from Mei-Mei.I asked him to pick up.He said,'Whatever you pick,I'll have it.But,I'd rather have the blue one." Then,he was taken to the bathroom.As he came back from the bathroom,he sat down. Took breath 3 times and looked at his wife and 2 sons and said," Ma, I am going to die. " He closed his eyes and passed away.

I met my auntie's children.Thank God,I brought the cam,otherwise they wouldn't have any pic till Fri nite ( they rent Gondang and shooting till the funeral ).

We slept on the floor. Goshhhhhhhhhh... my butt hurts so bad, esp my waist. I've never slept well since I arrived here. There're many people slept on the mattras.

Papi, Cie Beby and Ching2 came the next day.Papi's cried.He's a good bro in law for him.He said," Last time I saw him was abt a week ago.He stayed overnite at home and Amoy lent him some clothes."

Goodness... too many memories we have with him.

The Adat Ceremony was started on Fri Nite till Sat evening.Fri nite,I sprained my ankle ( again!!! the same ankle!!! ). Luckily,there's a lady who does massage there.She said,"I've been seeing you the 1st day you arrived.I feel so bad to see you get up,rubbing your back.But,I was too afraid to ask you." Thank God,she massaged me that nite.She massaged my waist and hips,too. But,I felt it's getting worse. Couldn't sleep well. Couldn't lay back well, feels like I sleep on my butt.

The next day,we slept at cousin's house. There're some people slept there. I couldn't sleep.There're some flies. Flies kept flying over my ear. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

Water was so dirty. I ran away and took a shower at another place.Bathroom was way too wet ( I almost slipped down ).


SAT  - The Funeral & Goofy Story

The Adat Ceremony was still held till the funeral.After having bfast and lunch,they continued by giving Ulos to the family. I couldn't documented the event ( I was way too tired and sleepy ).

The funeral was held in Tigaras,abt 1.5 hours by ship.Since Uncle was born there. The body was taken to the Harbour and then put into the ship.

Papi was kinda afraid ( since Papi himself is sick ).As he knew many people would go to Tigaras,he didn't want us to go.But,alas.............. Cie Beby and Ching2 were in the ship.We're behind them on the street.

Papi asked Mami to pick them.Alas.... Mami was pulled into the ship,too!!!!

Me and Papi wondered.Mami hasn't shown up,yet.Then, I went to the harbour.I saw Mami's there. Suddenly the people said,"Where's Mei - Mei ?? Come on,Mei. Let's get in.The ship is abt to leave."  Ha ?????????????? I said," Mami, get out.The ship is full already."

But,they kept calling my name and pushed me in. Goshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I didn't have any chance to turn back.They said," Come on,Mei.When else you see it ? " Awwww..... I was like a stupid girl, said nothing.They had pulled me in. When I turned my head they said,' Keep walking ". Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was trapped again!!!!!!!!!

I saw Papi was standing by the harbour. He jumped into the ship,too..He murmured and said,' Mami,why did you get in ? I asked you to pick Beby and Ching2."

Mami said,"Yes,I wanted.But they pulled me."

Papi said,' You,too,Mei.You shouldn't have been here."

I said," I wanted to pick Mami,but they pulled me in,too." Ha ha ha ha ha.

Papi said,"They did it to me,too. I can't leave you alone in the ship."

Everyone laughed.It's really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We 're all trapped in the ship, the whole family.

As the ship moved,it was shaky . It's heavier on the other side. I was scared to death.It's been along time I had a ship.

Being pregnant like this,makes me really scared to experience something's dangerous.I was panicked to death.Everytime the ship moved,my heart beat so fast. I cried. I had been thinking the worst.I am not a good swimmer,the whole family was in the ship. Bad thoughts played in my mind.

I closed my eyes with Sarung and keep praying. Panicked ...panicked....panicked... God help us...........

My cousin held me tight and tried to make me calm. Goodness.... I did take a risk to do this.

This morning I just chatted with Ronnie,he didn't like me risk my life and the baby's. He worries abt us. Sorry,hun.

The grave was not so far from the harbour,abt 5 mnts by bus.Papi stayed in the harbour.After a short ceremony,we went back to the harbour.Left Tigaras abt 6.15pm and arrived in Haranggaol at 7.30pm.

Titie,my youngest sister was there.She's late 5 mnts to join us.She said," I just arrived when the ship started moving." Well...she didn't have any chance to see Makkela for the last time ( her bus was late ).

The family still gathered and had another ceremony,feed my Auntie's family with IKAN MAS ARSIK.Then continued giving ULOS. Aghh.. I was so tired. I felt asleep in the kitchen and moved to the couch.

I dunno what time they're done. I asked Papi, he said,"Abt 1am,but they kept chatting till 3am ". Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I woke up at 5 am.


SUNDAY - Back home

We had bfast and lunch, AYAM KAMPUNG GULAI,then left for Siantar.Arrived at home at 5 pm and slept at 9.30pm.

Longggggggggggggggggggggggg trip...........................

Pics will be attached next time. Connection is way too slow here.


Thanks to you all who had send the condolences.God bless you all.









  1. My condolence and sorry for your lost. May The Memory be eternal, amen.

  2. May God bring comfort and strength you and all the rest of the family. Our prayer always for you and family.

    Lidya & Brian

  3. Mei, turut berduka cita ....

  4. duuuh Mei2.....ikut berduka cita ya....

  5. duh ... turut berdukacita ya imeii.. may he rest in peace..!

  6. thank you all... Kel sebagian msh pada ngumpul di kampung tuh. Mei2 gak kuat,capek sekali berhari2 di sana.

    Ini compie lelet bangettttttttttt............... :(

  7. wah imeii ...kudu istirahat yang banyak ya.. jangan sampe kecapekan soalnya kan lagi hamil...

  8. Mei, Please accept my condolence, Sorry terlambat soalnya baru balik dari Jepang. Mei kamu jangan terlalu sedih dan jaga badan & Baby Ries yah SAY ♥

  9. Iya,bu... Banyak istirahat,malah bosan nih di rmh,gak tau mo ngapain.Mo keluar,malas,panas n ributttttt.

  10. wah...asyik jln2 nih,Mi,ceritanya.

    Baby Ries is doing good.Lately,she keeps kicking my belly a lot.Ha ha ha ha