Wednesday, July 18, 2007

RIP my dearest uncle :(

My auntie ( my Papi's youngest sister came to visit me on Tues ).We cooked Saksang and BPK. She stayed overnite with us.Wed noon when I was in town, her son texted us asked his Mom to go back home to village ( Haranggaol ),since her husband was sick again.My auntie had left, so I texted her son back and said she's on her way.

When we're sleeping, abt 12.30am ,he told us that his dad had passed away. I was shocked to death,my body was shaking.Blood tention was dropped down.He cried and said," Dad's passed away at midnite." I couldn't stand to hear it and gave it to Mami. Mami cried. Papi was surprised.

We cried and suddenly changed our plans to go to Bandung. Since my cousin,Darwan,called us, we didn't sleep till 6 am. Darwan said his dad went to the bathroom,came back to the bedroom and he's gone.He had breathing problem and heart disease before. My heart cried.

Just that noon,before my auntie left, I gave her some shirts to her husband and her sons.Ashamed,he didn't have a chance to put them on.:(

I called my sister and had her cancelled my ticket to Bandung on Friday morning.Mami's,too.

She called us this morning and said since they're special tickets,can't be refunded. I really don't care abt the tickets now.

Mami will be going to Haranggaol today till the funeral. Since Papi is still sick,he can't go there till Saturday. I myself with bad condition ( since I arrived here,my back really kills me till now, couldn't walk well,have to bend down to walk around,sometimes extra careful to move my body ).

I will go to Haranggaol with Papi and the rest of family on Sat.

Goshhh...I feel so bad. I shouldn't have asked my auntie to stay overnite with us.

All family is in big sorrow and sadness right now.

May Makkela Boksen Sitio rest in peace.God bless the soul and strenghten the family.



  1. Turut berduka cita yang sedalam2nya Mei... semoga semua yang ditinggalkan diberikan ketabahan, kekuatan dan penghiburan dari si Pemberi Hidup yang Agung.

    Hugs....and please take care Mei2

  2. Waah turut berduka cita ci :(
    Namanya udah kehendak Tuhan kalo dah waktunya di panggil mo apa lagi. Tidak perlu di sesali krn manusia tdk pernah akan ada yg tau rencanaNYA.
    Smoga seluruh keluarga yg di tinggalkan di beri ketabahan dan kekuatan oleh Tuhan.
    Hati2 yah ci jaga kondisi jangan terlalu stress ato lelah, di bawa tenang ajah. Serahkan smua ama yang kuasa. ok luv ya, JBU all

    Kuzz Liza

  3. ikut berduka Mei.
    Kamu jangan kecapaian ya, take care

  4. Turut berduka, semoga keluarga & kamu baik2 saja.

  5. turut berduka cita ya Mei....semoga seluruh keluarga yg di tinggal diberi ketabahan & kekuatan oleh TUHAN....and you take care ya Mei...

  6. Turut berduka cita Mei. Kamu hati2 dgn kandungan kamu ya dan jgn terlalu capai dan byk pikiran. Mungkin itu sudah jalannya Tuhan.

  7. Mei, turut sedih dan berduka , semoga semuanya kuat dan tabah ya...

  8. Turut berduka cita Mei, Kiranya keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberi kekuatan dan ketabahan serta penghiburan dari Tuhan Yesus Kristus. God bless You !!

  9. turut berduka cita mei,tuhan beserta keluarga yang ditinggalkan semoga tabah dan kuat.

  10. Deep condolences to you and your family Mei *hugs*. Don't feel bad about asking your aunt to stay overnight, cause you never knew what would have happened. It's all in God's hand and His timing is always perfect :)

  11. wah jadi sedih nih ito,turut berduka cita.

  12. thnks to all.

    Bahaya nihhhhhhhhh.... Minggu lalu ada 2 org yg ninggal di block lain. Lah,semalam subuh,jam 4 pagi, tetangga 2 pintu dari rumah,ninggal juga. Padahal dari kmrn2 mo besuk beliau ( tapi gak sempat2,krn sibuk beres2 rumah ). Alhasil,pagi2 jam 6 pergi melayat.

    Ada tetangga 2 pintu dari rumah sblh kiri,sakit2 juga,ibu2 juga.Jadi takut nih besuk2 org sakit.