Sunday, June 15, 2008

Surprise !!!!!!! Happy Father's Day,Daddy !!!!

Yihaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! It worked!!!! I made a sudden reservation to Bob Evans this morning before church. I wanted to surprise Ronnie by treating him lunch and give him presents.

Ronnie didn't know what I was doing. I had him handle the car key,and drove to Bob Evans ( abt 2-3 mnts from church ). He asked," Where are you going to,hun ?" ^___^. I said," Gas station " ( cos Bob Evan's located next to Gas Station ). He said," I don't need gas. " I said," Then,something else. " ^___^

I had him wait in the car while I checked my reservation. Thank God I could get a table ( even it's a sudden reservation ). ^__^.

I came back to the car and asked Ronnie to come in. We had a table,had some food and then he said," Let's go. "

I said," Wait a minute.Not done yet. Another one."
He said," What is another one?? " ^____^

I went to the car and brought a white box,put on the table and had him open it. He asked," Now..what do you have here? " ^___^

Ronnie got a shirt and jeans. MeiLee was helping Daddy hold the box. Ha ha ha ha. A card from me and MeiLee were inside of the box.

When he saw MeiLee's card,he asked," Did you let her chew on it ?? " ha ha ha ha. I told him I had a hard time to make her sign it for him.

As we went back home,Ronnie said,' So...that tells me where MeiLee got ink all over her feet. She wrote something,huh ?? " Ha ha ha ha ha.

Happy Father's Day,Daddy !!! We love ya!!!!

#1 Dad ^___^


  1. Happy Father's Day Ronnie.
    Nice gifts & card, good job Mommy & Meilee

  2. happy father's day Ronnie....^__^

  3. Happy Father's Day buat James juga ya,Yan. ^___^

  4. that is soo sweet! love meilee handwriting too.

  5. artistik ya.. ka ka ka ka ka... Gayaaaaaaaa