Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sharing - ' As Long as It's Not My Baby '

I want to share abt what we overheard at the mall the other day. It's a simple conversation between a pregnant lady and her son abt 6-7 yo.

We walked into the mall, and we saw a lady with her son,other daughter and her Mom.They were sitting on a chair by the door.

As we walked,I overheard this lady said to her son :

Lady : Did you tell your Dad that I'm having a baby?

Son : Yes.He said, " I don't care,as long as it's not mine ".

Lady : ( quiet )..........................

As I passed them and overheard that, I was quite. The lady expected said something else,but it turned into bad opinion. She looked at me and I pretended not to hear that.I know she's so embarassed.

Ronnie who was holding MeiLee,turned to me and we looked at one each other. I asked him," Hun,did you hear that ?" Ronnie said," Yes..I tried not to laugh,but,boyyyyyyyyy..that's not a smart answer for a kid to tell.Bet she got baby from another guy."

I think so. In the other hand,it's funny to see and hear how naive a kid can be.They just say whatever they're told. But,when it comes to certain things, I don't think it's an appropriate manner to teach kids to say bad words ( words that can hurt someone's feeling ).

I believe this pregnant lady had broken up with the boy's father.They have issues,and this lady's pregnant again. Don't care from whom,but telling the kid to tell the Mom what the father says??? Hello ???????????????

If the parents have problems,I don't think they need to tell the kids how bad their feelings. The father might dislike and not care abt the mother,but hey...... he doesn't need to add more pain with the words.

Ronnie and I discussed abt it.He said," Pity kids..Trapped in the middle because of the parents' behaviours." I am so sad, I am hurt..As a mother, it's like an offense for me,having a kid told me abt the dad's opinion.

Oh, eyes are opened now. I've never seen this happened before. Freedom of speech is way too liberal here. * omongan kdg gak difilter.*

My questions :
Who is blamed in this ?? Parents don't teach the manner or.... ?

or... is this the way of life now ?




  1. duh...kesian ya....kesian that lady, kesian that son...bisa2 dampak tuh buat perkembangan dia....ya begitu lah dunia ini... gw tuh paling bete kalo ortu pisah, terus gak mikirin si anak...maksud gw, pisah ya pisah, tapi sebisa mungkin tetep berikan yg terbaik buat anak lah...kan mereka cuman korban doang....misalnya jangan diajarin benci emaknya ato bapaknya, dll....duhhh...jadi sensi nih gw....

  2. anak2 yg korban.Diracunin pikirannya blg ini itu. Duhh miris ah liat si ce itu kmrn.Emang enak diperlakukan begitu ??

  3. Oops.. that's not good.
    Sometimes I feel scared if i can't teach Reilly to be a good boy too, especially with all of the things surround us nowadays that he can also learn from. I think it is really important to set a good example to our children, that way they will respect us and respect other people too. And of course there are so many things out of out control so we also need to pray..pray and pray! :)

  4. waduh, kesian si anak ya.....

  5. duh kasihan ya tuh anak... kali dia masih gak ngerti ya apa maksute jawaban dari bapaknya..tapi si bapak kok jawab ke anak dengan perkataan gitu sih?? hmm bisa jadi pelajaran ya buat calon orang tua... buat nge-filter ngomong ama sapa aja..terutama ama anak2..

  6. iya my, ortu boleh nggak setuju tapi di depan anak seenggaknya kan jaga perkataan. si anak aku rasa sih kagak ngerti, tapi kan lama2 dia ngerti jg.
    kita yg dewasa aja dengernya koq ngenes gitu.

  7. doh..doh..doh.. kasihan si anak. BOlehlah kedua ortu dah gak akur tapi pliss dehh anak2 tetaplah naka2. Jgn krn perceraian anak2 dipaksa menjadi "dewasa".
    Hmm mudah2an perkembangan mental si anak tdk terganggu alias gak seperti bapaknya setelah dewasa. Pusiiiing ahh. :P

  8. ditto!!! I have fear that I can't do it,either. But...pray and faith and good manners as examples will teach kids how to do it better.

  9. kasihan ya,Rat?? Btw,apa kabar nih Keira ?

  10. sakit hati dengernya ( apalagi yg udah jadi ibu..duhhh )

  11. Kenyataan begitu,Vris. Banyak anak yg dikarbit dewasanya,krn faktor lingkungan.

  12. It's Sad story, but that's a reallity in the divorced world, I saw many divorced couple using their kid/s just to hurts each other feelings or to take the kids to his/hers side.... , this happening everywhere not just in the state, I guest their ego is more important than their kid/s pshycology.