Monday, June 9, 2008

Story abt Fricker's n Slipppers ^___^

It happened last nite,when I asked Ronnie whether he's hungry or not.He said," Yeah." I offered him to fix his dinner,he said," I'd like to have Fricker's."

I called Fricker's and ordered his chicken wings.It would take abt 15 mnts. I went upstairs and took my money. I said to Ronnie," Let's go,hun.Here's some money."

I intended to accompany him in the car only.Cos I was in PJs with the so called " winter slippers " on me.

Ronnie said," Let's get in." 

Me : " . No.. You go. I am staying in the car."

Ronnie : " No..You go with me."

Me : " Nooo.. Not with PJ and the slippers plus socks like this. Like a sick person."

Ronnie : " .Sorry,Babe. You're the one who wants come with me. Let's go."

Me : " Ihhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . No.. just go. Just pick it up and come back."

Ronnie :" You want the girls look at me ? "

Me : " Sok deh luuuuuuu. You're stuck with me.None of girls would look at ya."

Ronnie : " Come on.Change your shoes."

Me : " I don't bring any. These slippers I only have."

Ronnie : " Oh,Come on..... You have a new pair at the trunk. Change them now."

Me : " Where ??? I don't have any."

Ronnie : " Ohhh..Yes,you have.. A new pair in a box."

Me : " . Duhhh.. You're rite. I haven't got a chance to return them back to Walmart."

Ronnie : " Chop chop...Let's do it.. Change."

Me :"  . Don't wanna.. Just hurry...pick it up."

Ronnie : " Nope... I want you to go with me."

Me : " Duhh....I don't have any guts to get in like this,hun.Please... just go."

Ronnie : " Nope.... Come with me."

Me : "  . I am coming. "

I murmured why I should have come with Ronnie . Ronnie laughed. He said," Get in now."

I said," No.. You get in 1st..."

He said," You,baby..It's ok..Don't let them see you ."

Me : " It's too late, Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. "

The host greeted us. She said we could pick the food at the bar. . Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie laughed at me and said," Come on...Go there.. "

Ughhh.... I walked fast and ran across the hall.I sat at the bar and asked abt our food order. There're some guys sitting across of our seats. I hope they didn't stare at me.

I ordered an extra hot sauce for the chicken wings ( Ronnie don't like spicy one ). I waited for abt 1 more minute.

As we paid,I had Ronnie take the order.I stepped out quickly from Fricker's and gigled.. I said to Ronnie," Walk right behind me,please. Hurry...hurry!!! ".

At the front door, there's a man,he looked at me and laughed. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie followed me from behind and said, " You're funny!!! ".

Ya ya ya ya..... I hated doing it. Ronnie really made me embarassed. He said, " Gotcha!!!! "


So...the rest of the story... we enjoyed the chicken wings in the middle of the night. I just only had 2 pieces. Ronnie ate the 8 ones !!!!!!!!! was a good nite... way too good to make me feel bad abt my slippers and PJs .


Ronnie... lain kali jangan begitu yaaaaaaaaaaaaa


pic by nicky.reynolds on Flickr


  1. hihihihihi si Babe keukuh banget ya ngajak buat pergi ya... :D

  2. Ughhh Ronnie itu paling pintar bikin org geregetan. Kita udah darah tinggian,dianya masih santai. Ha ha ha ha.

  3. si mei mei nggak bisa nolak euy...hihihi...ngebayangin tuh cowok ngeliatin elu trus ketawa...mei mei saltum

  4. Terpaksa kaki disembunyiin di bawah meja.Sebisa mungkin ngumpetin.^___^