Monday, April 18, 2011

Trip to Columbus (Consular - KJRI Chicago's Event )

What a happy day!

I knew we'd had fun . We left for Columbus on Sat morning to renew my passport. The KJRI Chicago was coming to Columbus, as Permias Columbus invited them to take care of Indonesian consular matters.

One of the consular staffs is married to our old good neighbor ( Kak Retni )  in Siantar. As a matter of fact, the husband ( Bang Mandala Purba ) is from Siantar,too. And, we have the same last name.

What a small world! I met Kak Retni in 2007, when her dad passed away, and I was still pregnant. Then, we met again this time, and ML's been 3 yo! 

I was so hysterical when I saw her at the front seat. LOL. I closed her eyes from behind and she turned back and screamed . We hugged one each other  and kept saying, " Oh, how I missed you so much!!!! "

Anyway, I didn't mind waiting for hours ( cos I was late to come and get the number ). I accompanied kak Retni till the event's over.

At lunch time, Bang Mandala invited me and others ( oh yes, we met Bataknese in the event,too ). So, it's kinda remind us of " Batak Land ". . We spoke Simalungunese . ha ha ha ha ha.

We had delicious lunch, cooked by Ester Harianja ( who married with Purba ). And got new friends,too.

I called Ronnie and had him take ML to the building so I could take ML to meet Bang Mandala's family. ML's still napping, but I did take her upstairs.

Finally ML woke up, and she played with Kei, Kak Retni's youngest kid. Kei gave ML a Barbie book, as a gift. Thank you, kak Kei

The event was done by 4 pm. Ronnie was waiting for us at the front building. They met Ronnie and chit chat a lil bit. We invited them for dinner, but they had to drive to visit Niagara Fall at that evening, then back to Chicago.

Duh... words couldn't express how happy I was. It's too short, but we loved it. I'm sure, we would meet some other time

Till we meet again, kak,bang, kei!

Thanks to Permias Columbus for throwing this such a great event. I kill 2 birds at one stone

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