Monday, April 4, 2011

Ronnie's Built Up End Table ^__^

Duh! Had a long weekend this.Friday was ML's school, Sat was her gym class, continued by Monthly Fellowship at Herman's family. I played guitar,again

On Sunday, was in charged with the nursery class at church, went home, had heached, took an aspirin, knocked me out!  I slept from around 4'ish - 9.30'ish!

Hungry...very hungry.. I didn't have a chance to cook, too late. I turned on my cell, got text from Ronnie around 6.30'ish, asking me to cook him steak

I finally cooked some pancakes and  had the home made maple syrup given by my co-worker,Dan.

Later, Ronnie came in and brought a very nice end table. I asked him where he got it. He said," I made it."

HA ???? I couldn't believe it. I said,' Nah. You brought it from somewhere."

He said,' I did make it. You sounded sleep when I did this. Even the sound of the power tool didn't make you wake up."

I believed him. I saw the garage, the tools were there, floor's kinda dusty. He said," This is gonna be my end table in the bedroom "

One project is done, and he has more projects to be done. So proud of him!

He took the table out to the front porch, aired it and munched some snacks.I joined him, and sat on the grass.

The wind blew so hard. He said," It's been like this since noon. It's gonna be worse tomorrow."

He's really happy to see his table.He said," I'm so proud!" LOL.

Yes, I'm proud,too, honey! Enjoy your end table

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