Saturday, March 21, 2009

Which One is Which One ??








I was really surprise!!!! Cie Vie sent me her 2nd son's newest pic,Ai. I couldn't believe he LOOKS ALIKE MeiLee!!!!

She said," See ??I told you..He looks alike MeiLee.People say that my son is " beautiful." Ha ha ha ha ha. " They call MeiLee,' Handsome Baby." Hush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pointed the pic to Ronnie.He laughed and said, " Hmm... That's not MeiLee.That's Vivie's son." ha ha ha ha ha ha.. He recognized it.

Then, I showed it to Mom.She smiled and said," Oh... she's so cute..Look at her." Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I said,''s not MeiLee."

She said," HAAAA???? I thought it's MeiLee!!! "Ha ha ha ha ha..

I told her, " Mom,it's Ai...Vivie's son. " Ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

She's surprise.She said," Geee........He looks alike MeiLee!!!!! " ^_____^ one is which one ??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  1. kalo ada dua gini gw bisa bedain...tapi kalo cuman liat satu...mungkin biosa salh juga mei...mirip sih...:))
    umur berapa tuh mei ??

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha ... Ai umur brp ya ?? 15 bln kalo gak salah.Lahir Dec 07.