Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cedar Seared Salmon Pasta,Anyone ???

Yay!!!! I love this food. I tried to cook it last 2 weeks ago,but didn't taste rite.Last nite,after work,I tried again.It turned AWESOME!!!!

Ronnie accompanied me cooking abt 11 pm. Lol....He said," I'm staying here till the Salmon smells stink." Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Poor Ronnie,he is not the seafood lover.

I haven't changed my outfit yet,but I kept cooking. Hhhmmm.....the salmon smelt sooooo goooddddddd,and the cedar smoking seasoning added the flavor on it.

Finally Ronnie gave up.He went downstairs and left me alone in the kitchen.Mom had gone to bed 30 mnts earlier. he he he he he he he.

After cooking almost 1 hour ( salmons stuck!!! ). I had to unfrozen them before I fried ,but it's too late.

I tasted it,and YAY!!!!! EXACTLY LIKE FRIDAYS'!!!!!  

Ronnie came up and asked," Is it done ??? Wow,baby!!! It looks so good!!!"

I ate it by myself in the kitchen while chatting with my cousin.It was a big portion,couldn't eat it anymore, I gave up.Gave the leftover ( lil left ) to the doggies.

From now on, I don't need to buy it from Fridays'..cos I can cook it at home

Cos I have tried Potato Skins,Broc Soup,Potato Soup n Peruvian Chicken earlier


Cedar Seared Salmon Pasta,anyone ???


  1. hihihi malem2 masak salmon..yummyy

  2. Iya nih,tengah malam makan terus......makin enduttttttttttttttttttttt

  3. pesan sepiring Mei... laper nih :-P

  4. Enak juga yah kerja di TGIF bisa nyontek resep, ha..ha..ha.. Mei salmon nya di masak di atas cedar plank tdk ? Gw suka banget sama Cedar plank Tilapia di rest Charley.

  5. oi, ke mana aja lu,Lin ??? ^___^ Sepiring apa sepiring ??? :P

  6. maitua...kiapa wadow2 ?? he he he kusjeeeeeeeee

  7. nope...msknya di atas kuali.ha ha ha ha.Ksh mentega plus cedar smoked seasoning :P

    Mei2 pernah makan Salmon yg pake horseradish di Charley.Duhhh pahittttttttttttt

  8. dikasih dua piring juga boleh :-)))

  9. keliatannya sih endang juga ya....ajarin dong say....