Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mar 1st -Daddy & MeiLee Went to Church

What a surprise!!!! I woke up late on Sunday morning,and found Ronnie and MeiLee were not at home.

Mom's home,but the car wasn't there.I thought Mom went out with MeiLee.But,Ronnie took the car and left his Cadillac at the driveway.

I called Ronnie abt 12 pm,I heard noise behind the background.I asked him,"Where are you,Babe ?" He said," Church."

I was surprise. I asked," Why did you leave me ????? "

He said," Honey, you've been working so hard. You deserve to have some rest.Next week you can go.Just go to bed and have some more sleep." sweet..... ^___^

I heard MeiLee's gibbering with other kids there. Ha ha ha ha ha

He said," We're at the nursery room." I heard MeiLee said," Hi there!!!!!!! ". Ha ha h aha ha ha .

Ronnie said that they're late. He said," We will stop by at CAM after church,hun."

I asked," What you wanna do there?" Wonder... he never goes to CAM by himself :P

He said," We wanna buy hot sauce for you." Awww......Ronnie's so nice. I broke my only bottle Sambal ABC the other day at the backyard :(

Ronnie said," We'll stop by there and buy some for you." ^____^

After awhile,I called Ronnie.He said," Not yet,hun....We have another stop,wanna make a surprise for you." ^___^.

Hmm....surprise??? what was that ??? :D

While waiting for them,I cooked MeiLee's lunch.It's Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Soon, I heard the car went to the driveway. Wahhhh!!!!!!!!! It's Ronnie & MeiLee!!!!!

Ronnie and MeiLee were so happy. MeiLee ignored me. ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said,"'s outfit was horrible.Didn't match at all." ha ha ha ha ha.

I said," What?? She's ok." He said," Oh,no...look at her.... I couldn't find the matching pants for her.I just grabbed whatever I saw this morning." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.


Of course,MeiLee didn't care at all. :P

I put MeiLee in high chair..I asked her," Hi,Pumpkin...Tell Mommy what did you do at church ??? "

She ignored me.She listened to her harp. :D

I asked her again," What was the surprise,MeiLee?? Mommy wanna know,pleaseee..."

She kept listening to the music and ignoring me.Ha ha ha ha ha...

Ronnie brought a plastic bag and showed me. Wahhh...2 bottles of Sambal ABC. Then,he gave me another stuff. " Here you go,Mommy." He bought me FRIED RICE!!! My fave from China Chef ( been awhile I haven't been there ).

So,we had lunch together. MeiLee had her soup, I had the fried rice meanwhile Ronnie and Grandma had Indomie Goreng :P

I gave MeiLee a bath and changed her outfit.

Ronnie said," Good,baby..please change her outfit." :D

Thank you so much, Daddy, thank you,Pumpkin.... Love the treats you gave Mommy ^___^.

At nite,before we slept,Ronnie laughed and said," I couldn't stop laughing when I saw MeiLee.She looked like a bag of.... "

I asked," What do you mean ?"
He said," She looked like a homeless girl with unmatching clothes.ha ha ha ha ha. "

I punched him and we laughed together.

I told him," Next time, you'll do better."
He said," Oh, more next time for awhile.. Please.." ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  1. chocolate chip cookies buat dessert ... hemmm yummmm ... kalau tante takut gendut makan cookies hihihi...

  2. mommy mana makanannya... laper laper laper...

  3. love this....

    mainan apaan tuh mei ?

  4. kok ada 2 foto yg gak keluar gitu mei...foto dibawah tulisan lu itu...

  5. mei, ajarin bikin broccoli cheese soup dong say...

  6. ini msh nyampe rmh,asyik kecentilann sama bapaknya..main tengok2an :P

  7. Harp,Pris.Musiknya bagus.....Mom beli di Goodwil...he he he he

  8. di sini muncul.....kudu refresh kali,lin

  9. ok,nanti Mei2 posting ya resepnya. Ini lg mkn.

  10. ohh cute, Meilee udah gede yah Mei...

  11. Udh gede...skrg maunya sendiri,she leads us everywhere we go.LOL

  12. Ini nih,hasil mix and match dressing by Daddy. ha ha ha ha ha