Monday, December 8, 2008

Sakit Borongan :(

Yeah... since Friday, started from Ronnie, then yesterday nite MeiLee and this morning was me........we're sick

Ronnie didnt' feel good since Friday nite.After I came back home from work,he ate 1 potato skin.All a sudden he said," Ughh.. I don't feel good,baby. I feel like wanna pass out." .He moved his chair next to mine ( in the computer room,watched online movie for awhile ),then again he complaint abt his belly.

He said," Baby... I think I'm sick." Wonder what he ate.He said," Got  too much junk food today,and the potato made me worse."

He went down to the floor and faced it. I was getting worry.He said," Clear the way,pls..pls..pleasee... " All a sudden he ran to the bathroom and " WWWWWEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! ". OMG!!!!!!!!!!! He's PUKED!!!!!!!!!!!!. Started with once,then again and again.


Mom woke up and yelled from upstairs,' Are you ok, Ron ??? ' I said," He's sick,Mom. " Mom said," Is there anything I can do ??? " I said," No,thank you..."

I asked Ronnie to go upstairs. He went taking a shower.I checked on MeiLee,she's sleeping.Then,Ronnie puked... MeiLee woke up and cried. Duhh.....


I picked up MeiLee,lullabied her and put in bed. Everytime Ronnie puked,she's awaken. I gave up.. I took MeiLee with me,went back and forward to check Ronnie in the bathroom. I saw Ronnie's puking many times.

I put MeiLee in bed,and went to check Ronnie again.He took another shower. Puked again..MeiLee awaken again.. Many times happened.

I picked up MeiLee,we laid down on a couch. I checked Ronnie again.All a sudden I heard MeiLee's crying. OMG!!!!!!!! I ran and checked her..It's dark,but I could see she's on the floor!!! She FELL!!! OH GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed and said," Ronnie...Ronnie... MeiLee fell!!!!!!!!!! ". I hoped she's ok,cos I put a pillow next to her when she laid. Thank God it's a carpet,not a hard floor.

Ronnie asked me to take MeiLee downstairs,put her in her other crib. We went downstairs,MeiLee didn't wanna coorporate. I laid her next to a couch on the carpet,cos there's a room where the heat comes from.She didn't wanna sleep. It's so coooolddddddddddddd in the living room. I even couldn't sleep there.

I gave up. I picked up MeiLee and went upstairs again. Ronnie's in bed.Sleeping for a few mnts,then he ran to the bathroom,puked again.. took another shower ( this time he's in the bathroom for 30 mnts !!!! ). I tried to check on him,but MeiLee kept awakening.She seemed didn't want be left alone. She woke up and murmured " Huh... huh.. " and looked around to make sure I was there.

When I checked on Ronnie, I saw him in the tub, putting his face down and let the water run. Duhh..... I was so panicked....

I asked Ronnie to go back to bed,cos I couldn't run back and forward to take care of him and MeiLee.. He said," I'd be right back,hun."

Finally,he went to bed abt 5 am.He slept on the carpet,next to the portable heater. Meanwhile me and MeiLee slept on the bed.

Around 7 pm, Ronnie woke up again...went to the bathroom.MeiLee woke up and was ready to go downstairs ( it's bfast and play time for her ).

I took her downstairs,and fed her.She's happy. Mom asked me to go back to sleep,meanwhile Ronnie called off to work.

I cancelled to attend Desy's bday party in the noon ( couldn't leave Ronnie with his condition like that,plus it started snowing heavily on Sat morning ). By the time I checked the window,the view is white covered with snow.

We ended up staying at home.Ronnie didn't eat till nite.Mom cooked Ham for dinner. He started feeling good after all..


SUNDAY - MeiLee's sick

Sunday nite,I went home from work abt 11pm. We went to bed abt 1am. As usual, I checked on MeiLee. Ronnie said he'd coming soon.

Something's wrong in her bedroom.I smelled something bad.I sniffed around, it smelled like Putty's dirt. I thought," Oh..not again,Putty.. Pls don't poop in MeiLee's bedroom..."

I checked around her bedroom, I couldn't find anything.... Then I turned back and checked on MeiLee. I looked at MeiLee's face... Something white covered her forehead and hair. I was thinking," It looks like traditional rub thingy on her face.Who did that ?? " I thought it was like JAMU.

I touched her face, it's dry. I smelled my finger.. UGHHH... It's a bad smell... I checked her clothes, something liquidy was there. I checked her bed sheet and blankie.. OMG!!!!!!!!! I  realized she's PUKED!!!!!!!!!! I was scared and called Ronnie from upstairs." Ronnie.. Ronnie... Hurry up.. MeiLee's PUKEDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! "

Amazingly,MeiLee slept nicely... I picked her up immediately and ran her to the bathroom. Took off her clothes and gave her a quick bath. She smelled puke all over

She woke up and Ronnie took her to our bedroom. I rubbed her with Minyak Kayu Putih,changed her outfit. Ronnie said," Be careful,she might puke again."

I told Ronnie I found some stuff in her bed. Ronnie said," Oh... I think I know.It's the Graduate food. The SAUSAGE!!!". APAAN ???????????

Ronnie said that he fed MeiLee with that stuff,but MeiLee threw it some.Then she puked... After that he gave MeiLee a bottle only. I said," OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! NO WONDER!!! She might be still hungry.

Ronnie said," Don't give her anything yet.Her tummy's still not good. MeiLee looked so weak.Ronnie put her on his chest.MeiLee seemed getting comfortable....

I said to Ronnie," Put her back in bed,hun... " Ronnie said," Ssssttt.... she's ok... Let her sleep longer."

Ronnie said to me," Jealous ?? " . It's so good to see MeiLee and Ronnie close one each other like that. Ronnie told me a couple times that MeiLee never wanted to lay on his chest.. . That's why he's so excited to have the chance like that.

After a few minutes,Ronnie put her back.MeiLee rolled and laid on my breast.She slept on her back. All a sudden... SHE's PUKED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! OMG!!! I was afraid.. Ronnie quickly picked her up and brought her to the trash can. He said," Don't cover her,let her puke.. " OMG!!! MeiLee's puke was around the bed sheet. I pulled it from the bed and threw to the bathroom. All MeiLee's bedsheet and anything else in her bedroom were thrown to the bathroom.

MeiLee cried. I   bet her tummy really disturbed her. Trying to make her sleep, I gave her another bottle.Ronnie didn't want me to do that. I just gave MeiLee some water.She slept for awhile,then woke up again. Gosh..... not again,please....

Abt 5 pm, MeiLee woke up again. I ran downstairs and gave her a bottle. Abt 6.30am,she woke up. I thought she's hungry. I brought some mashed potato to the bedroom. She refused it.


Monday Morning : Me - Sick

6.45 am.. I started feeling bad. All a sudden wanna puke. I ran to the bathroom and puked.. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Ronnie woke up and checked on me," Are you ok, hun ???????? " You're puking too ??

I went back to bed,trying to sleep, couldn't.. At 7am, I puked again.. Gosh... I had to work at 8.30am, but Ronnie said," Call Diane,tell her you can't come to work.You're sick."

Gosh.. I called Diane abt 7 and told her I couldn't come. By the time I was talking to her, I started puking again.  Ashamed!!!!!!!!

Ronnie couldn't sleep after all.. At 7.20 am, he got up and got ready. He took MeiLee downstairs. I myself woke up and puked again.

Abt 10 pm, went downstairs and checking  on MeiLee.She's getting better, I was getting worse.  I went back to bed,slept till 1 pm. I didn't eat anything,cos my belly's still hurt. Finally got something to eat almost at 2 pm.

I fed MeiLee earlier atb 1 ( she had a nap earlier,cos she had short of sleeping,too ).

MeiLee's watching tv upstairs right now.


 I am feeling a lil bit dizzy and still the stomach bothers me till now.


I hope Ronnie could be home early tonite after he's done playing music.



  1. gw juga br beres flu berat, hantam bwng putih dan jahe
    cepet sembuh semuanya yahh

  2. Hope you guys are getting better. I think something in the air makes us sick. Cheryl, one of the secretaries, was not in today. And Vince, a student assistant will be in tomorrow, he has been ill for almost a week, so I have to work until 7.30 pm.

  3. Mei, pada cepat sehat lagi yah buat semua nya ....

  4. hi, kabar ?? Kirain kmrn si Mom olesin bawang putih ke jidat MeiLee sampe putih2 kering gitu,gak taunya bekas muntahan :D

  5. Kelar chat semalam,Ser,ngechek MeiLee. Untung aja cpt ketauan,kalo gak sampe subuh MeiLee bobo dgn muntahan di sktr bednya.. Ini msh sakit perut,kalo MeiLee udah mendingan


  7. mauliate,da.. Udah mulai sibuk buat kue Natal ???

  8. Aduuuh cie cepet sembuh yaaah... semoga semuanyaa sehat seperti sedia kala Amin... Hugs...

  9. duh kasihan, cepat sembuh semuanya, God bless you

  10. bagaimana sekarang ? mudah2an sudah membaik ya

  11. cepet sembuh ya mei dan keluarga.

  12. Thnks for all.. Sudah baikan ( msh ada rasa dikit sakit perut,kyk melilit2 gitu,nyeri ). MeiLee udah mulai energik lagi :D

  13. tu mei lee asik bner bboknyaaaaa hahaha skg gmn semuanya dsana?

  14. MeiLee udah jumpalitan di sofa hijau kesayangannya :P