Wednesday, October 15, 2008

[ Updated ] : MeiLee's Getting Better

Praise The Lord, MeiLee's getting better today. She spent the night with us last night.Still didn't make her comfortable to sleep.She kept rolling around and awakening ,and it's hard to make me sleep.

Sometimes she slept on my chest,and rolled around again,till she woke up at 7am. I thought it would be nice to hear Sunday School Songs again. So,I turned it on. She enjoyed it!!! She made her hands dance. * tau aja kalo udah dengar musik *

She laughed and rolled again. I took her downstairs and we watched tv. She had bfast and I played with her.

I called Mami to let her know MeiLee's condition. Mom's going to do grocery shopping. MeiLee's fell asleep on my arms.By the time I tried to put on her in her playpen,she awakened and cried. Duhhhhh......

She cried for a couple minutes. I couldn't make her quiet,she kept fighting me. I gave up. I put her on the carpet,she cried and crawled around,then came back to me again.

I myself felt a lil bit sick.My head's heavy,dizzy. I hope I wasn't sick. Finally I rocked MeiLee and gave her the remote tv. She enjoyed it for awhile.

She played around,laughed and did some activities,but not as energetic as before.

I gave her bottle and finally she fell asleep.I checked her temp, it's 95 F. No more fever. Thank you, Lord!!!!

The only problem she has is the  teething. Ronnie told me tonight that she's been doing well. So glad to hear that.


I'm proud of you,MeiLee !!! Keep it up,girl.... even Grandma's wondered * She told me this evening that she noticed MeiLee's never been so sick,after 1 yo. lol ". She said," MeiLee's been so healty, I'm so impressed with her.But,this time,she had one." ha ha ha ha

No more,please..... one is enough


  1. wahhhh untung ya si Meilee udah feel better.. titip cium yaaa

  2. Thnks,Myen.Cpt sakitnya,cpt sembuhnya. Kecil2 cabe rawit. lol

  3. Waah ikut seneng yaa cie... syukur deh... semoga Meilee sehat selalu yaa cie... :-)

  4. jgn sakit lagi dah.. Kasihan liat MeiLee nangis terus kmrn itu. Hati emaknya sampe sedih. Puji Tuhan, udah jauh lbh baik.

  5. Syukur Mei Lee udah baikan.... semoga tetap sehat dan bikin mama tersenyum..

  6. thnks,da... Barusan main2 di kmr atas sambil nonton Curious

  7. lho, si meilei sakit ya say...duh...untung udah sembuh...
    gw rasa mau numbuh gigi kali mei....

  8. iya,Pris,mo tumbuh gigi. Suka masukin jarinya ke mulut,digigit2 gitu.

  9. Anak 1 taun banyak sensasinya Mei. Patrick juga setelah ultah 1 taun, sakit demam. Ehh .. ternyata giginya tumbuh :D. 1 taun ompongnya.

  10. MeiLee blm nih sampe skrg.Mudah2an aja ya cpt. Sudah makan brokoli segala.. ha ha ha ha ha. Dibawa ke resto,yg dimakan brokoli n fries mulu :D