Thursday, October 23, 2008

MeiLee : Is It Me,Mommy ?? ^__^

It's been a year already... time runs so fast

MeiLee's been a big girl ( she'll grow bigger and bigger )

The night after we celebrated her birthday, I took her down to the computer room. She saw her pic, touched if she knew it's her.



Yes.. that's you, Anna MeiLee Ries.... It's our lil angel

You can't believe it,rite ?? Mommy and Daddy can't either.. As if you're born yesterday.....


The other days,we held you

Today.. you sit by yourself



We love you,girl !!!!

Can't wait to see you entering the other year


God Bless your childhood......

- Mommy & Daddy -


  1. Mei, kyk nya baru kemarin yah kamu bikin kehebohan di kantor imigrasi hihihihi .....
    iya, MeiLee udah setahun aja ..... ge terasa yah .......

  2. aww gak terasa cepet gede ya Mei.... :)

  3. ka ka ka ka ka... Gak terasaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

  4. cpt gede... emaknya gak sadar,kalo MeiLee udah bukan infant lagi :P

  5. Kalau ngga terasa boleh tuh nambah lagi pan ngga terasa ... ha..ha..ha..

  6. and be prepared to see other surprises from her side as part of her being a toddler, while we keep thinking she is an infant... hehehhehehe

  7. cepet ya mei ya....coba kalo anak dua mei...berasa atuh...hehehe...

  8. Aghh..still can't believe.. Sometimes she wants to do stuff on her own way.. Mommy's surprised.. ha ha ha ha ha

  9. coba,situ nambah satu lagi,gmn ?? ha ha ha ha

  10. Aduhh gak terasa ya si Meilee dah besar dan pinter pula. God Bless you Meilee..cepet besar dan menjadi berkat buat semua orang. GBU

  11. amin..... Btw,udah keterima email sktr seminggu lalu,Lid ?? Thnks ya.GBU!!!