Sunday, October 19, 2008

MeiLee's Cupcake Pillow ^___^ * Bday Present *

After waiting for abt 2 weeks, finally I got MeiLee's present.Cupcake Pillow!!!!!.I kept checking Walmart when it would arrived.

I thought it'd have been right on MeiLee's birthday,but I had to wait for a couple more days.

As soon as I got confirmation from email, I picked it up at 10pm.By the time I was home,MeiLee's been


Ronnie and Mom're there. Kinda surprised to see the package.I had Ronnie open the package. Wow !!!!!!!!!!! It's a beautiful Cupcake Pillow!!!!!


Mom said," Mei.. it's too cute to be played on the floor. The dogs might chew it. ". I think she's right.

So,we decided to put it as a souvenir, a display..

The next day, I gave MeiLee the pillow.She's kinda ignored it,cos she has another toy..



  1. Meilee, kalo gak mau cupcake pillownya .. auntie juga mau .. Dilempar kesini ajah .. hahaha ..

  2. udh gede si meilee nih ...
    tambah cantik..

  3. Hahahaha ..... MeiLee nya acuh aja nih sama cupcake pillow nya.
    Mei, dr sini belum nih kado nya ..... :)

  4. hahahhahaa ush bs milih ya sayang...muahhh utk meilee

  5. dilempar bungkusnya doank buat Brandon? he he he he

  6. bagus ya beli di walmart gitu, say...? hebat deh lu, dapat barang bagus2 mlulu...*ngiri :p* lagian, gw gak pernah liat tuh walmart...