Friday, July 4, 2008

MeiLee's Eating Mommy's Rice n Chicken *Saingan Sama Emaknya*

Hoorayyy it’s Independence Day !!! We stay at home so far,but at 4pm I gotta go to work at TGIF.

This noon I brought my rice and sweet fried chicken to the basement.MeiLee’s a lil fussy in the living room.She’s only with her diaper ( kinda hot here ,Grandma just put on diaper )he he he he.

I took her down to the basement with me. She was happy. Thought,hey… I think MeiLee can eat some rice and the chicken with me. So,here we share…..

While chatting with Joe n Sera and turned on the cam,they could see MeiLee eating the rice. ^__^

MeiLee’s kinda funny.. She hasn’t got any teeth yet,but she’s ready to eat rice. Well.. I make her :P

I told Ronnie that MeiLee would't stop eating. He said," Well.. you're the one who keeps feeding her." Ha ha ha ha . Awwwwwwwwwww.......

Finally I stopped it. Ronnie moved from my compie to his.He sat next to MeiLee.

Ronnie's surprised and say, " Mother mother wht are you doing ??? you got more rice ON her than IN her. How can mom so messy ? " ^_______________^

I just answered, " tht’s the way we eat. " ^___^

" Thought abt live in the 3rd world. Ha ha ha ha ha.", he said.

" Napping time, baby ?? can you say nikie nikie ?? " ha ha ha ha .. dodol nih bpk :P

MeiLee's full and she has a nap now... Hoorayyyyyyyyy!!!!!


  1. pinter bangetttt meileeeee.. kaka sam diajarin dong ...

  2. Mei si Meilee dah tumbuh ya giginya :) enak banget sih makannya hehehe

  3. for sure she was really cute when she was eating her rice...hii hii

  4. wahhh,sini,Sam main ke OH,nanti makan bareng MeiLee ^___^

  5. Blm,Lid... sama sekali blm ada gigi. Tapi udah dicekokin sama nasi,kentang goreng,indomie goreng dll :D

  6. he he he he..Belepotan ke mana2 nasinya.

  7. Ya.. ollo .. di kasih makan Indomie pula, wah .. untung nya perut nya kuat loh mei ? ..

  8. kuat,Ta...Malah mo tambah2 lagi.. he he he he.Semalam mo coba makan Onion Ring,cpt2 kita tarik. ha ha ha ha. Fatty,kata grandmanya :D

  9. wah wah wah....makan nasinya pinter banget meilee....belon ada gigi udah canggih gitu...apalagi kalo udah numbuh gigi...hahahaha....