Thursday, July 31, 2008

MeiLee's Diary : 9 Months Old

After a few times rescheduling for MeiLee's peditrician appointments,finally we made it on July 29th.

Dr.Bird came to check MeiLee.He distracted MeiLee by giving her 2 ice cream sticks.MeiLee stared at him when he's checking MeiLee's eyes..He's checking MeiLee's ears,too,but she turned her head cos she wanted to see Dr.Bird.

Dr.Bird said that MeiLee's a curious and observing baby.She's weighed earlier.She is 18 lbs,27 inches ( 63 cm ) now. Wow !!! I thought MeiLee's more than that. ha ha ha ha ha.

MeiLee got 2 shots.She cried a few secs only,then stopped crying.Grandma took her to the play room.We gave her something to play,but she picked up the truck.

When me and I were busy picking which one she would play again,all a sudden MeiLee's been crawling to the front desk.. I ran and picked her up. She kicked her feet and laughed. Ha ha ha ha.. Ini anak bener dah... Hilang bentar dari pandangan mata,udah kaburrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .

Dr.Bird said,MeiLee can stop having formula till she's 1,and he wanted us to throw the bottles away,and gave MeiLee cups instead.Yeah....MeiLee don't drink formula as much as she used to.She likes drinking water now.

The more she grows up,the more habits we can see now.She loves sleeping with the butt up in the air.She could do that till morning. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Just like her daddy !!!!!

Thank God,she's not a picky eater.Yay!!!! She loves food,she takes it from me ^___________^. Crackers, checked!!!! Breadstick,checked!!!!!! Onion Rings,Fries,Rice,checked checked checked 

Eventhough MeiLee hasn't got teeth yet,but it don't bother her at all.ha ha ha ha. She likes tasting everything,even my toes,my knees,the tables,the chairs..That's weird..ha ha ha ha.

Still,likes poking her tiny fingers to my ears,nose.Likes pushing my head away if I try to look at her.ha ha ha ha. She has fun with it.Goodness,girl!!!!! Sometimes she just comes over me and gives me a kiss on my nose. Sweeeeeeetttttttttttttttttt

MeiLee likes exploring the kitchen,trying to grab my soy sauce bottles,then turns her head and looks at me,as if she wanna say," this one,Mommy ? "  ha ha ha ha ha.

She defenitely loves meeting people.Don't care who they are,MeiLee would give a kiss!!! Then she'll put her tiny palm on her mouth and makes echo and says," ba ba ba ba ba ". Ha ha ha ha ha ha.. Then claps her hands.

When she's tired and sleepy,she will rub her eyes,humming for awhile and off she goes...She fall asleep. Sometimes I have to sing for her,and she'll " sing " with me,too.

The other day,I called my family.Mami sang a song " 12...34...tangan taro di pinggang..kepala goyang2..." MeiLee listened to her Oma on the phone,smiled and twists her hand.ha ha ha ha.

Yes,that song I always sing for her. ^___^

MeiLee starts standing up by her own.Once in awhile she falls,but Ronnie and Mom say," it's ok..let her fall,she'll learn and live. It's ok.This is the beginning."  When MeiLee stands up,she likes pulling her feet up,like a ballerina feet. I keep pushing her feet down to the ground,but she keeps pulling them up again.Ha ha ha ha ha. Ronnie said," Penguin feet.Wanna be a ballerina,Pumpkin???"

One day,we took MeiLee to library.Ronnie went to kids' dept.I was looking for some dvds.I saw Ronnie put MeiLee on a couch. I told Ronnie," I'm done,baby.Let's go."

There's a man who's sitting in one of the tables,he saw us passing and said," You feeding her." . We laughed!!!!!!!!!!!! Ronnie said," See,Pumpkin???? He saw your baby fat's everywhere." ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said," You're a big girl now...You are so big.I'm so glad.Most of all,you're healthy.." Yes,MeiLee's so healthy,she's never been sick.

We're so grateful to have a such wonderful baby like MeiLee.She is very good girl.She can entertain herself in the living room,without us watching her 24/7. She loves Barney,Sesame Street,everything that comes with music.

Once,MeiLee's crawling to the kitchen,she heard the tv's on in the living room,she turned back and sat right in front of tv..I tried to distract her,but she refused.She pushed my head away.. She kept watching the tv,made noise and clapped her hands.

She loves playing with diapers!!!!!! Goodness!!!!!!!!!!.She wipes her mouth with it.. As if she had dirt on her mouth.ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sometimes when I   feed her,I wipe her mouth every so often.She copies it.ha ha ha ha ha. When the wet wipe is on the table,she grabs it and wipes by herself. Tissues,napkins,and other fave one,diapers..

Oh well..... time runs so fast.Sometime when I see her,I ask myself," Where did that tiny red infant one go ??? "

All I see now is a growing precious lil one who will keep growing day by day with every new thing comes around.

Get ready,Mommy,Daddy......she'll explore more and her!


  1. Happy 9 months Meilee...sehat dan semakin disayang mama papa ya. Waktu berjalan cepet , gak terasa kan Mei kayaknya baru kemaren kita lahiran ya .. Darren waktu dia 9 bulan cek up beratnya 20,5 pounds dan panjangnya 28.5 inches dia, makanya kata dokter cepet gede ini anak :))) long as Meilee sehat mei :) Hugs and kisses buat Meilee dari tante Lidya dan abang Darren GBU

  2. Mei si Meilee panjangnya 63 inches ? maksudnya 63 cm gitu ? heheheh

  3. wow cepet ya Mei, bentar lagi 1 tahun, tambah tinggi & cute mmuuaaccchhhh....

  4. Alow,Lid... Wah.. Darren tinggi tuh. Btw,thnks for the card,baru nyampe tadi siang.Sorry bangetttt,gak bisa ikutan acara ultah Darren. :(

  5. 63 cm maksudnya.. Udah diedit.he he he. thnks

  6. udah gede,gak bisa diam.Emaknya lagi enak napping,diganggu mulu ^__^

  7. Gak kerasa udah 9 bulan ya mei, bentar lagi bakalan jalan nih kayaknya si mei lee :D Umur segini makannya masih gampang emang mei, ntar kalo udah setahun lebih baru mulai picky hihihi. Tapi mudah2an MeiLee makannya banyak terus deh biar cepet gede & pinter :D

  8. 3 bulan lagi ah setahun yakkk, ga berasa ga mei..?

  9. wahh udah besarr yah.. haha..
    makin lucuu aja ih meilee.. gemeeesss..!! =D

  10. mei waktu berlalu cepet banget 3 bulan lagi meilee akan setahun, glad to know she has never been sick and makan apa aja masuk hahaha

  11. lucu dan imut tuh si Meilly gemessssssssssssssssss

  12. wow, udah 9 bulan aja si cantik MeiLee hehehehe

  13. MeiLee so far sih gak picky......makanya ndut gitu.hehehe

  14. Mei Lee, ngegemesin banget yak??
    ASInya masih dilanjut Mei??

  15. msh lanjut asi.... ^___^. Kalo kerja dari pagi sampe tengah malam aja gak diksh asi.Slbhnya asi,bow.