Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MeiLee : Daily Routine - Talking to Daddy on Phone

Daddy always calls at lunch time to say hi and love you to me and MeiLee.

She loves the cellphone.She likes licking it,biting it and banging it. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Once she got the cellphone,she don't let me have it... She uses her own language to " talk to " daddy.

As I asked her to end the conversation and hang the phone,she bang it !!!

Oalahhhhhhhh... udah tau toh cara matiin HP ??? :D

Praktisssssssssssssssss.. Bang!!!!!!!!! ^______^


  1. soo cute meilee sama cell phonenya. cewek sekali mei cell phone lu.

  2. hp ketemu di bar. ha ha ha. Diganti casingnya doank,wrn pink.