Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Memory Keeper's Daughter ( 2008 )

Genre: Kids & Family
Duh... I am so glad I watched this movie on Sunday night.It's a touchy one. Me and Mom watched till the end of the story.

Movie that brought tears down ( me and Mom cried !!! ). Being a Mom makes me very sensitive when it comes to kid esp.baby ( how could you give away your baby like give away cloth even when she didn't expect to be born as a Down Syndrome?? ). Every baby has right to live and laugh!!!! None can take her life away,not even the parents.

Blessed this lil one who is so called Down Syndrome finally survives and has better life than her twin brother. I love the ending !!!

To those who hasn't watched it yet,check the LMN channel.It might replay someday ( it's the Premiere on Sunday !! ) :D


On a snowy night in 1964, Dr. David Henry is forced to deliver his own twins. The first born, a boy named Paul, is healthy and fine, but when the second, a girl named Phoebe, is born with Down syndrome, David is forced to make a quick decision. He hands Phoebe over to his nurse, Caroline Gill, to take to an institution. Upon arriving at the institution, Caroline refuses to leave Phoebe there, so she also makes a decision: she is going to keep Phoebe.

After Norah, David Henry's wife, hears about the "death" of Phoebe from David, she experiences deep melancholia. This psychic trauma creates a number of problems for Norah—abuse, affairs, and various forms of deceit.

Paul remains ignorant of his sister. He is lanky and plays the guitar. The fact that David Henry refuses to let anyone truly get to know him creates much tension between him and Paul. After discovering his mother's first affair, Paul becomes angry and frustrated; even indulging in illegal activities as a way of acting out. He feels desperate for David's love and support. A handsome young man, Paul graduates from The Juilliard School as a musician.

While the turbulent marriage of Paul's parents leaves him bitter and gives him an unhappy childhood, Phoebe is his foil. Caroline marries a handsome trucker named Al and moves to Pittsburgh. Their marriage, though not completely without problems, is much happier and more successful than Norah's and David's. Therefore, ironically, Phoebe's life ended up being happier than Paul's when everyone thought she would be better off dead.


  1. aduh mei....I'm glad you put a review about this movie. Gw nunggu2 film ini tapi lupa pas hari H-nya. padahal udah diingatin berulang kali ama parents group....lu ada rekam gak, mei ??

  2. gak,say. Pantengin aja tv.Biasa LMN putar lagi kok.Kyk dulu ttg Human Trafficking gitu. Minggu kmrn diputar 2x lho.Tadinya sempat gak mau nonton,krn bosan gak tau mo nonton apa,liat jadwal di TV,diputar kali ke-2,ya nonton deh. Berderai air mata.hiks...hiks...hiks..... hati nurani seorang ibu berbicara ^___^.

    Coba check sitenya LMN,Pris.